Best Rollerblades for Men, Women & Kids in 2019 Reviews

Rollerblades are a great source of fun and adventure. Everyone is inviting to enjoying benefits of theses rollerblades; adults and kids along. Well, the market nowadays is full of products, and not all are efficient. For this reason, we outline to you the best rollerblades money can get you. These are must-have rollerblades. For maximum fun and safety, these are what to go for. We also give you buying tips on how to purchase good roller blades. When you finish this article, you will have all the information at your fingertips. Read along!

Best Rollerblades Reviews

Rollerblade Maxxum 100 Premium Fitness Inline Skate

Topping our list is the Rollerblade Maxxum 100 Premium Fitness Inline Skate. If you’re looking to take your inline skating skills to another level, this is your option. The Maxxum 100 is an upgrade from its predecessor, Maxxum 90, and comes with better performance and speed. One update that is easily noticeable is the 100 mm wheels which provide better stability and performance. With this pair, you don’t have to worry about your balance even at the highest speed. Maneuvering and negotiating sharp corners will also not be a problem.

We commend the Maxxum 100 for its lacing and buckling system which hold your feet firm and secures them from external injuries. It is fitted with a molded cuff that provides extra support and provides your feet with the freedom of movement. One downsize with this skate is that amidst all these great features, you might find the pair to be a little bit heavy. The extra weight might limit you from achieving your top speed and thus reduced performance.

Overall, the Rollerblade Maxxum 100 Premium Fitness Inline Skate is great for all your recreational activities. The materials used to make it are of high quality and are sure to last you long. The disappointment of purchasing a rollerblade that breaks down after only a few days is foreign with this product.


  • The large wheels provide a smooth ride and great balance
  • The insole is comfortable
  • Its frames provide total control
  • Provides support and safety to the feet


  • Not ideal for amateurs
  • Heavy which limits its performance

Rollerblade Men’s Maxxum 90 Skate

For a fully unique and original rollerblade, the Men’s Maxxum 90 Skate is one that you’re going to love if not like. It is a versatile product that will give you top speed and traction. Its performance is great and designed durable to beat the test of time. Its hydrogen wheels are efficient, giving you fast speed and great traction. Moreover, the wheels are large and durable. Regardless of the terrain used, they will last and withstand hard knocks and impacts. Its buckles are small, but will hold your feet tightly. If you’re in search of a product that offers performance and fashion, this is a great option to go with.


  • Its aluminum frame makes it extremely lightweight
  • Has a braking system
  • It is shock absorbent


  • Comes with limited size choices

K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skates

The K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 Boa Inline Skates is one of the best inline skates in the market designed for men. What you’re settling for with this beauty is top speed and great features that will support all the shenanigans you wish to do. This skate is ideal for training thanks to the original soft boot that it comes with. Also, the skates come with big wheels which provide you with a good grip and better traction that will see you negotiate sharp turns without any struggles.

Lots of fantastic features are in store with this skate. One, the ventilation system of the rollerblades is Vortech for obvious reasons; evaporate all moisture found in the liner and leave your feet comfortable and moist-free. Also, for added comfort, the skate comes with a good Boa Closing System. What we loved most about this skate are the cuffs that it comes with which ensure that you have that added support and also assists in transferring power to the wheels and bearings.

The technology wasn’t left behind with the K2 Inline skates. K2 Soft boot technology is incorporated into the skates to provide the right fit. It assists in fine-tuning the inner boots to your liking. We, however, recommend that you measure and are aware of your feet length before making your purchase. Overall, the K Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skate is a cool pair that comes with great performance and aesthetics, which will go a long way in improving your skills.


  • Incorporates Technology in its boots
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Large wheels provide top speed and good traction
  • Comes with bearings which offer a good experience


  • Its size options are limited

Rollerblade Men’s RBXL Fitness Skate

People with big feet have every right to skate, and the Rollerblade Men’s RBXL Fitness Skate has got your back, and feet too. These rollerblades have been designed for users with feet sizes between 14 and 17.5. Skaters with huge feet are now able to find the perfect sizes and skate without any restrictions. This is the biggest reason that qualifies the Men’s RBXL to our list.

What this pair offers you is high speed, super comfort, and also support together with maximum performance. Negotiating those sharp corners will not be an issue with the Men’s RBXL. What most users find appealing with this pair is the amount of stability that they offer. This is thanks to its cuff buckles and power straps which make this possible. You are now able to focus on your skating and worry less about falling and acquiring injuries.

This rollerblade comes in seven different sizes for you to choose from. One disadvantage with most rollerblades in the market is that their sizes are normally never accurate and thus you have to go for size either bigger or lesser. This isn’t the case with this product. Their sizes are perfectly accurate, and you won’t require any exchanges or returns. Ensure that you measure your feet accurately before making a purchase.


  • Its performance is outstanding
  • Suitable for men with large feet
  • Comes with aluminum frames that make it very lightweight
  • Very comfortable


  • Comes at an expensive price

K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates

The K2 Skate Men’s F.IT Pro 84 Inline Skates doesn’t discriminate anyone out there in terms of expertise and is designed for everyone; whether beginners, intermediates or pros, these rollerblades are made for you. They’re great for those who are on budget as their prices won’t cause a huge dent in your pocket. Moreover, they provide high levels of speed, and no terrain will stop them.

The wheels are 84mm in size and are surrounded by aluminum frames. They have speed lacing systems that allow you to take them off easily after skating. Their arch support, on the other hand, will enable you to use them for long hours without being uncomfortable. They are designed and ideal for amateurs and intermediates.


  • Ideal for amateurs and intermediates
  • Its wheels provide good traction and speed
  • Its ventilation system is good


  • It is expensive

Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Men

If you’re an amateur looking forward to beginning and build your skating skills, the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Men is your choice. These men rollerblades are what to turn to if it has been a minute since you skated and are looking towards removing the cobwebs. The skate comes with lots of great features that you will appreciate. Also, they are super comfortable and won’t find any problems using them.

One feature with the Bladerunner Advantage worth mentioning is its lacing system. The laces are great, and you can easily tighten or loosen them for a snug fit. In addition, is its buckle which upon tightening provides firm ankle fit and support. The heel retention is compressed using the Velcro strap equipped in the skates. All these features ensure that the rollerblades will be firm on your feet, and your focus will only lie in polishing your skills rather than being worried about your feet.

Speed, traction, and support are the key issues projected with this rollerblade. These are ensured by its 80 mm wheels and also ABEC Bearings. You will always have a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the terrain you’re skating on. Your feet won’t hurt at all. Lastly but not least, this rollerblade is designed and constructed using very high-quality materials. It is designed durable to beat the test of time. It is sure to last you lots of skating adventures.


  • Constructed using very high-quality materials
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with outstanding bearing performance and speed
  • Its lacing system and buckle provides maximum support


  • Its ventilation system is poor

2pm Sports Brice Pink Adjustable Illuminating

If you’re tight on budget but want something illuminating, the 2pm Sports Brice Pink Adjustable Rollerblade is the choice to go for. It comes in four different sizes, each with a button clickable for adjustability. This rollerblade comes with eight illuminating wheels which make it a favorite to the kids. The wheels light during night time and make them highly attractive.

Talking of its performance, we love it. Its polyurethane wheels are fitted with ABEC bearings and provide a smooth ride. Not so many products in the market combine lightweight, comfort, and support all at once, but this product has managed to do that. It has a triple closing system which gives you a good grip and needed support. Also, its inner padding makes wearing it comfortable


  • It is strong and lightweight
  • Performance is outstanding
  • Available in four different sizes


  • The quality of its straps isn’t high

Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness

The Rollerblade Zetrablade is one of the best inline skates the market has to offer. And to be honest, not many men’s rollerblades out, there will be able to compete with these. The skates are ideal for amateurs, though intermediates and pros will find them relatively useful. Its structure is amazing, and it will be the first thing that you’ll notice when you set your eyes on it.

Its structure comprises of shell and frame system which lowers the center of gravity. The two work together quite well to provide the rider with the required stability and control. Beginners will appreciate this feature as it makes them more confident while skating. Aside from the framing system, its model is also quite impressive, and we wouldn’t think of anything better. It comes with high cuffs which have the advantage of bringing more stability and control regardless of the terrain used.

Its bearings are also not left behind when talking about its performance. They will provide you with that smooth ride which you’ll find exciting. Its wheels measure 80mm and don’t offer the highest speed. The manufactures had beginners in mind when installing this type of wheels. Finally, its closure system is reliable, and you’ll be comfortable even after long periods of use. In conclusion, this pair is among the best in terms of control and stability.


  • The ventilation system is good
  • Its liner makes it comfortable
  • High cuffs for maximum balance and support


  • Its sizing can be rather confusing

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness

If you’re an amateur woman skater looking to upgrade your skills, the Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness made for entry-level skaters would be a great option to go for. This pair will not only teach you the necessary required skills but also improve your game widely. Its design is user-friendly and comfortable and will provide you with a smooth ride. What’s even great is that they come at an affordable price and so you won’t dig deep in your pocket to own them.

Their cuffs are high for added support. Also, because they are ideal for beginners, they feature a braking system at the back that will see you halt easily whenever necessary. It comes in a unique design, and you’ll love it from the word go.


  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Cheap


  • Its sizing isn’t accurate

K2 Skate Women’s Alexis Pro 84

The K2 Skate Women’s Alexis Pro 84 is another great rollerblade for women out there. Those seeking to take their skating skills to another level will find this pair very useful. Its comfort and performance are a big thumbs up. If you want a pair that you could skate to the nearest store or supermarket, you’ll find the Alexis Pro 84 very convenient. Right from its top to bottom, each detail has been clearly brought out by designers who knew what they were doing.

When you ride it for the first time, the first thing to notice is its smoothness and comfort. This is attributed to its softbot design and cuffs. Its cuffs are made using hard plastic, which gives the rider comfort and the ability to ride with immense control. Its 84 mm wheels paired with bearings are sure to provide you with a fast and smooth ride even through rough terrains.

This set of rollerblades is equipped with an aluminum frame, which makes you will have the most out of every stride that you make. Power is transferred smoothly, and with its shock absorbent property, you won’t even notice bumps on the road. What this pair brings to the table is a combo of performance, speed, and comfort. Whether you’re up to take your skating skills to a different level or want a pair for recreational activities, the K2 Skate Women’s Alexis Pro 84 will be a good match.


  • Very comfortable
  • Provides very high speeds
  • It’s a great option if you want to learn as a beginner


  • Its sizes aren’t accurate

5th Element Women’s Inline Skates

To earn a good reputation in the skating world isn’t easy, but the 5th Element Women’s Inline Skates has earned that fate. This is proof enough of how good and efficient it is. The materials used to make this pair are of high quality. Moreover, they are long-lasting and will be sure to last you a very long time. For amateurs and intermediates, you’ll find the 5th Element worth every cent.

These pair are fashionable and stylish. Having them on doesn’t only come with the benefits of skating, but you’ll also look good in them. In addition, they’re available in several sizes which accommodates riders with different feet sizes. They are lightweight, and this is mostly attributed to the aluminum frame fitted in them. The frame also ensures that power is distributed adequately and equally across the skates and that you have the most out of every stride.

Their wheels are 80 mm in size and are fitted with ABEC bearings. This is interpreted to mean that you’ll ride at high speeds over short periods and also have a smooth ride over every type of terrains. You might judge the wheels for their thinness, but they can do a lot than what their size depicts. If you’re looking to do your skating tricks and negotiate through sharp corners without struggling, the 5th Element Women’s Inline Skates are your choice of rollerblades.


  • Made using durable materials
  • A good choice for recreational purposes
  • It is supportive and comfortable


  • Not ideal for professionals or those who are serious about skating

Roces Women’s Izi Inline Skates

If you’re female and are enthusiastic about skating, we have the perfect product for you; the Roces Women’s Izi Inline Skates. It comes in a slim design which is unique and lovely. Its lacing system is nice and provides you with a snug fit. Also, it’s secure, and its comfort and support are unmatchable. It comes with padding, which contributes greatly to its performance the closure system of this skate is the buckle which is known to secure your feet. Speaking generally about this pair; it’s a good choice that will smoothly see you through each type of terrain used.


  • Great slim design
  • Has proper ventilation
  • Comes with a good padding system
  • Cheap


  • Some customers didn’t like its closure system

Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women

For years, many amateur skaters have opted to go with the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT as their first rollerblade, and there’s a reason for this. This pair of rollerblades is super comfortable, supportive, and easy to use. It has the needs of amateurs at heart and will be sure to provide you with a smooth ride. Comfort isn’t the only thing that this rollerblade offers, but also sufficient balance to keep you stable even through the sharp corners and turns.

This rollerblade comes with a supportive shell that assists in learning. The feet are supported very well to help amateurs upgrade their skills in no time. Also, its liner comes with great padding for that added comfort. You can skate for hours without having pains or discomfort in your feet. An adjustment system is also added to the pair that acts as a shock absorbent during heavy impacts.

Its wheels are 80 mm in size and come with ABEC bearings. This great combination will see you gain high momentum with very little effort. The bearings assist in obtaining high levels of speed. This rollerblade comes in numerous sizes to choose from and colors black and light blue. Our final verdict is that the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Women is a good pair for beginners. It is very comfortable and is fitted with features aimed at improving your skills in no time.


  • Great for recreational purposes
  • Its cuffs provide protection to the ankles



  • The quality of the wheel isn’t long-lasting


Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable

Here is another great rollerblade for the female skaters. These rollerblades are designed for female adults looking for custom sized rollerblades or teenagers with growing feet. Their feet sizes range from 7 to 10. Roller Derby, a proud American company, is the sole provider of the high-quality materials used in designing this rollerblade. The product has been time tested and expects nothing short of excellence in its performance.

The wheels of the rollerblade measure 76 mm, slightly smaller than other products in the market. This, however, doesn’t affect their performance in any way. Their speed is very high and provide good traction and will give you one of the smoothest rides you’ve ever had. They come with a triple buckle closure which will prove easy and quick to put on. Also, we love its lightweight feature, which makes it ideal for recreational and casual inline skating.

The rollerblade is available in three color options to choose from: mint, grey, and blue. The sizes are numerous and accurate. Be sure to measure the size of your feet prior to making an order. For amateurs and intermediates looking towards sharpening their inline skating skills, the Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable is the choice to go with.


  • Fitted with gold bearings
  • The padding makes it comfortable


  • Some customers complained of it being uncomfortable at the tongue

Linear Women’s Roller Skates

For a family skating day out, the Linear Roller Skates will be the option to go for. They aren’t limited to women only but are also ideal for men and children alike. They combine softshell inner boots with adjustable buckles to provide precise and snug fit. Their design is unique and stands out from the rest. Its vibrant graphics features laser beams in the neon green and purple versions.

Their urethane wheels are compatible for skating both outdoor and indoor without the fear of sliding and falling. Also, unlike many rollerblades in the market, these have been equipped with non-marking heel brakes that erases any black trails whenever you make a sudden stop. Their inner lining has been made soft to prevent any blisters or injuries to the feet.

The rollerblades come with four wheels which will prove to be very efficient in their work. They are stylish, and you will fall in love with them right from the word go. For a family fun moment, the Linear Roller skates are what to go for.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Comfortable
  • Unique and fashionable


  • The screws might be loose, as per some customers

Roller Derby Women’s Aerio Q-80

What we love most about the Roller Derby Women’s Aerio Q-80 is the level of comfort that it comes with. It is equipped with foam padding and made custom to be able to fit the rider perfectly. Its control levels are at another level with these pair. You’re able to practice your master moves with much confidence thanks to its power strip. You’ll enjoy every moment that you spend with the Roller Derby Women’s Aerio Q-80 as they promise you a smooth and enjoyable ride.


  • Its bearings ensure a smooth ride
  • The foam padding makes it comfortable to wear


  • It is made slightly higher than other rollerblades

K2 Skate Women’s Alexis Boa Inline Skates

What this pair offers you is maximum comfort, stability, and speed. Its performance is good and efficiently performs its duties. Every detail has been brought out perfectly to ensure that every ride you take is memorable. It has a Boa lacing system which provides that you wear and take off the shoes without any problems.

The K2 Skate Women’s Alexis Boa Inline Skates is fitted with an aluminum frame which makes the pair extremely lightweight and transfers power thus making the most out of your every stride. It is stable and will secure your feet, and you don’t have to worry about any problems.


  • Its arch support is great
  • Made stable for protection


  • Some customers complained that its foot-bed is a little bit tight

2pm Sports Vinal Girls Adjustable Flashing

Are you thinking of the perfect gift for your daughter on her birthday, why not go for the 2pm Sports Vinal Girls Adjustable Flashing Rollerblades? It is stylish and cool worth to bring a smile to her face. It features eight illuminated wheels and cool graphics around it. It comes with aluminum frames which help transfer maximum energy and also keep the rider in balance. It has a triple closing system and will securely fit the feet. Your child can ride and enjoy the rollerblades safely without having to worry about her safety.


  • Comes in four different adjustable sizes
  • Has a triple closing system for added stability
  • It is smooth and quiet


  • The screws on the axles are poor

Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable

The Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Rollerblades are popular for pretty good reasons. They are easily adjustable, easy to skate with, and are custom for a snug fit. It comes with a push-button that allows you to adjust its size. Its frame is made of polymer, which makes it lightweight. It has a braking system at the back that is pretty much responsive. For young girls seeking to take their skating skills to a different level, the Roller Derby Girls Stinger 5.2 Adjustable is a good pair to go for.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Its polymer frame makes it lightweight.
  • It comes with a molded cuff for maximum safety.


  • The quality of its strings isn’t the best

Bladerunner PHOENIX – 4 Size Adjustable

This pair is a limited edition made exclusively for kids. The style and appearance are very catchy and have been applauded by many of its users. It comes with four wheels and brakes at the back. Your kid can easily halt when need be. Moreover, its bearings are there to ensure that your kid has the smoothest of the ride. It’s well balanced and stable and compatible with both indoor and outdoor use. Your kid should worry less about their safety as their features ensure this is possible. Moreover, they are comfortable and breathable and can be used for long hours. They are a good choice for amateur and intermediate skaters.


  • Its aesthetics are nice
  • Made durable and strong
  • Highly comfortable
  • Relatively cheap


  • The sizes are smaller than advertised

Roller Derby Boy’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable

Roller Derby came up with a boy’s rollerblade that is quite impressive and commendable. Its cuffs are molded and offer great support and ease while skating. It comes with an adjustable system, pushable by a button that gives you a snug fit. For added comfort and stability, the rollerblade has a frame made of polymer and liner. Its wheels made of polyurethane are durable and strong and will last you long. Moreover, they are fitted with silver bearings.


  • Its washable liner is comfortable
  • Nice wheels which will provide a smooth ride


  • Relatively expensive

Chicago Blazer Junior Boys Adjustable

Boys are known to be clumsy and unpredictable. For this matter, they need a product that will assure them of their safety. The Chicago Blazer Junior Boys Adjustable Rollerblades assures you of maximum safety for your kid. They are customizable and will provide your child with a snug fit. You get lots of power and energy for each stride you make with this pair. With this, maneuvering around and making sharp corners will not prove to be a problem. For young boys looking for something comfortable, secure and that will help them improve their skating game, the Chicago Blazer Junior Boys Adjustable Rollerblades is in the market waiting for you.


  • It is made stable and provides good control
  • Snug fit
  • Highly comfortable


  • Kids might need help putting them on

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness

For a nice adjustment rollerblade that will give you customized and snug fit as well as a comfortable feel, the Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness fits this description perfectly. It is a cool pair that comes with nice graphics on it that will make you the center of attraction. This rollerblade is available in two color options; black and purple. The purple one is more attractive and appealing to the eyes. For this reason, it comes at a slightly higher price than its counterpart. This pair is durable and will take your skating game to a different level.


  • Provides great stability
  • Highly comfortable
  • Made durable to beat the test of time
  • Comes with inside brakes


  • The breaks are easily removable

How to Choose Good Roller Blades

Buying a good rollerblade is a process. To choose the best product on the market, there are some tips that you need to consider. Here are a few features to look for in your rollerblade before making that purchase.


Unlike the olden times when the rollerblades’ wheels were constructed using plastic, nowadays the wheels are made of polyurethane. The advantage of polyurethane over plastics is that they’re more durable not to mention that they provide a smooth ride. Just like other skates, the wheels have specific functions. Some wheels are built specifically for speed, others for quick acceleration, others for stabilization while there are those meant for all these purposes. The performance of a wheel is dependent on three factors: its shape, size, and hardness. Based on these factors and others, there are different types of wheels as outlined

Recreational wheels

These wheels are generally larger than the other types of wheels. They lie between the 70 to 90 mm size range. The secret is that the larger the wheel, the faster it is. So, if you opt to go with this type of wheel, be ready for top speed.

Hockey wheels

These wheels are long and elongated, but not as much as the racing wheels. The purpose of these wheels is to offer maximum contact with the ground irrespective of the angle and speed by which you are skating. They are popular for providing high levels of mobility to the skaters. Their sizes range between 72mm and 80mm.

Aggressive wheels

The next type of wheels are the aggressive wheels. Just as their names suggest, these are for aggressive skaters who mean business. They have square profiles with their sides being perpendicular to the ground. The purpose of this type of shape is to increase stability when turning in case you’re at high speed. The aggressive wheels are made hard; otherwise, they would break easily.

Speed Skating wheels

These wheels come with a large diameter but lesser width. They are pointed and will always be in contact with the ground regardless of the angle used. Their design is aimed at decreasing the resistance and in turn maximizing the speed.


Bearings are other important factors that you need to consider closely before making your rollerblade purchase. Bearings are responsible for the speed at which your wheel rotates. They are located inside the wheel wells and normally rotate in the axes. Wheels require two bearings each on either side. When purchasing your bearings, you need to know how much speed you intend to skate at.

Most of the bearings come with the ABEC System. The scale runs from 0ne to nine, denoting the speed of rotation. Other than the ABEC ratings, other factors also come in handy when determining the speed of your bearings.


When discussing brakes, two options come to mind, traditional brakes and the advanced brakes (ABT). The difference between the two is that whereas both contain a rubber stopper behind the roller skate, the superior braking relies on an arm to regulate the brakes. You’ll find these brakes mostly on the beginner skates as they are equipped to help them gain confidence as they skate and assist in improving their skating skills. Therefore, if you’re an amateur, you might consider going for those with brakes as not all of them have these.

Racers and aggressive skates don’t come with brakes. With these, if you want to stop, you drag your foot perpendicularly behind the lead foot.


Liners are underestimated but are essential. There’s not much to talk about them, and aren’t fun either to talk about but have a huge impact on your skating activities. If your liners do not fit properly, you will have a very difficult time. We cannot recommend a specific type of liner as the best, as each rider will have his or her preference. The best thing that you could do is to go to the store and try each one yourself personally. Here are some of the types of liners that you’ll come across

Foam Liners

These are the most common types of liners. They are made using foam materials which are known to stick to the rider’s feet and are lightweight. No special features come with them, but overall, they’re great for beginners and intermediates.

Memory Fit Liners

The fit memory liners make use of memory foam for good fit along the contours of the feet. When not in uses, they tend to reset. It takes time for them to conform to your feet permanently. They’re really nice, but they are more expensive.

Heat Molding Liners

The Heat Molding Liners are for those who strictly mean business when it comes to skating. There are some of these liners which can be shaped to fit the feet of the rider permanently.


Last but not least are the frames. The frames are found around the wheels and are used to hold them in place. When choosing your frame, you need to be keen on the stiffness, weight, and durability. Three materials are used to construct frames: plastic, carbon, and aluminum.

Plastic frames

These frames are ideal for amateurs. They are cheap, less stiff and come with low durability. When subjected to pressure, they can easily twist, draining most of the rider’s energy. These are the least favorite choice to go for.

Aluminum Frames

The aluminum frames are more efficient, stiffer, and stronger than the plastic frames. They are also lighter. Aluminum isn’t expensive, and so their price range is somewhat similar to those of plastic frames. These frames are best for intermediate skaters

Carbon frames

These are the best types of frames the market has to offer. They are very lightweight, super-strong, not to mention the level of efficiency they bring. In order to own them, however, you’ll be required to dig very deep into your pocket as they are costly.


Our list contains the best products the market has to offer. Their performance is great and speeds outstanding. Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or pro, there’s something for everyone. When making your purchase, be sure to follow our above-outlined tips. While skating, have fun, and take care!