Top 16 Skateboard Decks Brands 2019 Review

Skateboards are one of the most popular sporting accessories to existing in the world. Mainly it is made of wood of different shapes polished and colored. The complete skateboard is attached with wheels on axles that are used for the transportation. However, the skateboard deck is the one beneath which the wheels are attached. The skateboard deck is made up of different materials, the most popular choice being plywood. Today, however, professional skateboarders look for different types of elements of skateboard decks.

Various types of material make up a skateboard deck today. The documents include nylon, fiberglass, Plexiglas, aluminum, Kevlar, resin and different variety of other composite materials. With different materials, the usability of the skateboard also changes accordingly. Certain tricks and skills can be quickly done on a particular type of skateboard decks, be it their design or material.

Therefore, we present to you some of the best skateboard brands and some of the top skate decks that can be found on the market with detailed reviews and features.

16 Best Skateboard Decks Review

Since there is quite a lot of demand for the best skate decks, we have reviewed some of the top best skateboard decks and come up with presenting their features. Among all these, we have narrowed our selection to the very best of the best and came up with 16 of the best skateboard decks that one can find out there. The list is given below:

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

It is designed specially keeping in mind the intensity of its use. Highly considered as a pumping board, this particular skateboard is pretty low. The usage is pretty much straightforward, and hence it is highly recommended for the people who are new in skating. That does not necessarily rule out the experienced and pro ones.

The design itself is suitable for long skating, and hence the professional skateboarders can make the most out of itself as well. The deck is made of bamboo and fiberglass which makes the skateboard durable and light weighted, making it a perfect companion for outdoors.


  • The product is very much user-friendly.
  • Construction with laminated bamboo and fiberglass makes it give a comfortable and responsive ride.
  • There is availability in different flexes.


  • Not recommended for heavyweight
  • Highly susceptible to scratches.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

The price level for this skateboard is not that high, but the performance provided by this keyboard is top notch. This skateboard is very much usable by the amateur skateboarders and can be equally enjoyed by the professional ones. The deck provided can be easily considered as one of the best-rated skateboard decks in the continent.

The material is a bit polymeric, which makes is durable as well as very much flexible. Even in an accident, the floor is more likely to be held together rather than separating. The weight is the same as the tradition plywood decks, but the durability is way more. There are straps and ligaments attached for better grip as well.


  • The price level is very much affordable.
  • The grip provided by the device is firm, and it helps the skateboarders to gain more control.
  • It is available in customized print colors and designs.
  • The specifications are outstanding.
  • The durability is very high.


  • The performance cannot be compared with a high-level professional
  • Too much grip may reduce performances on certain tricks and flicks.

Loaded Boards Poke Longboard Skateboard Deck

The platform is very comfortable with rocker and concave, and the wheels have well flares. The deck is made up of vertical sections of bamboo which are laminated and fiberglass. As a result, the net weight of the skateboard is very light. This makes the skateboard perfect for an outing in neighborhood or city inners, where one can have fun with it.

The ride is pretty much comfortable, so both amateurs and professional skateboarders can enjoy this skateboard to the fullest. With this skateboard, one can find the pumping, slashing and curving comparatively very much more comfortable. The shape is inclined towards a directional approach that helps the skateboarder while doing maneuvers and tricks.


  • The agility of the skateboard is very high, and one can enjoy doing the tricks and skills.
  • The design is very much adventure loving and gives the skateboarder an edge while using it for fun purposes.
  • The materials of the skateboard deck make the skateboard very lightweight and durable.


  • Being lightly weighted, it can be a little troublesome for the heavy users to manage it.
  • The deck is most likely to get damaged easily with rough usage.

Birdhouse Skateboards David Loy Mexipulp Skateboard Deck

The quality provided by this skateboard is quite professional. The control is good, and the skateboard is suitable enough for new, inexperienced skateboarders. The class itself is enough for any hardcore professional skateboarder to get impressed by this product as well. The deck of this skateboard is made up of plywood and North American maple which is very sturdy. This makes the skateboard suitable for parks, pools, and streets.

There are previously made arrangements that make the assembly of this skateboard quite an easy one. The construction itself is substantial, making this skateboard one of the best quality skateboards in terms of material and performance out there. Any skateboarder is likely to fancy this product.


  • It can be used by skateboarders belonging to any skill level from beginner to pro.
  • The assembly of this skateboard is quite easy as requirements are done
  • The performance can be compared to any professional skateboard.
  • Lasts long with plywood and maple.


  • The product is quite heavy, which makes it cumbersome to handle sometimes.
  • Lack of varieties and designs.

Element Section Black 7.75 SKATEBOARD DECK

The skating experienced is greatly simplified with the help of this particular skateboard. The deck is made up of thrift wood, and the performance it provides makes the skateboard quite professional as well. The 7.75” width is just ideal for any normal as well as a professional skater, and this skateboard can also be termed as a complete skateboard. It can be used for skating pools, parks or streets. The grip is quite good too. Hence, it can be considered as one of the top skateboard decks out there.


  • The skateboard is suitable for all skill levels.
  • The quality is quite professional.
  • Build quality is outstanding.


  • There are not many variants in size.
  • It is not recommended for old school skateboard users.

Element Skateboards Complete Team Seal Black 8.0” Tensor Assembled

This skateboard has one of the top-rated skateboard decks that are available in the market right now. The deck is made up of 7-ply Canadian maple. As a result, the skateboard looks and performs like a traditional one. The product is available completely assembled, with all the necessary parts and accessories. The deck is 8.0” in width, and it is entirely black. The trucks are of tensor aluminum, making the skateboard as hardy as ever. The 52 mm wheels are provided with amphetamine ABEC five bearings, along with grip tapes.


  • Optimum deck width.
  • Sturdy and robust deck material.
  • Comes completely assembled.


  • Lightweight users may find controlling

Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic Skateboard Deck

The need for skateboard decks having different materials other than maple and plywood resulted in the production of this particular skateboard. The floor is entirely made up of bamboo, which makes the skateboard light. The durability is reliable too, and it is also designed to get the most out of it. More pop is available with this skateboard. The concave is quite thick too that make it suitable for all skill level skaters. This is one of the top-selling skateboard decks.


  • The very light weighted product, yet reliable and durable.
  • Available in all shapes and sizes.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • More flexible.


  • Traditional heavyweight maple users may not find it very comfortable.

Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White Skateboard Deck

It is one of the lightest weighted skateboards out there. The deck width is precisely 8.0”, which makes it suitable for users of all age groups and skill levels. The trucks and the wheels are well administered on the deck. The quality is excellent, and the entire skateboard is very well made. The grip needs to be added for better control though. This deck provides some superb power for the skaters who perform tough tricks.


  • Light skateboard.
  • Great deck size.
  • Good quality.
  • Great control.


  • Very less grip provided initially.

Moose Set of 5 Blank Skateboard Decks

These skateboards are made naturally of wood or fibers depending on their nature. The decks of the skateboard are blank, or the graphic design on the bottom of the floor is not present. The build quality is excellent, despite being a light product, and the decks come striped as well. The woods of the bridge are either stained or painted. The grip is high as well. The quality is solid, and the pop is excellent.


  • Decks are lightly weighted despite being made from woods.
  • Striped decks are available.
  • Good build.
  • Good grip.


  • No design present at the bottom.
  • Lack of color and shape variants.

Toy Machine Skateboard Complete Fists XL 8.5” (Assorted Colours) Tensor Assembled

The deck of this skateboard is made up of 7-ply Canadian maple, giving the traditional look of the skateboard all while looking fancy. The skateboard comes with the complete assembly of all the associated products, that is, the aluminum trucks, the 52 mm wheels, the bearings, and the grip tapes. The skateboard is quite heavy due to the build, and it provides some excellent control for performing tricks. This has one of the top durable skateboard decks in the market.


  • Made from maple to provide a traditional look.
  • Good for hardcore users.
  • Comes completely assembled.


  • Amateurs may find the controlling a bit tougher.
  • The skateboard is quite heavy.

Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0 Skateboard Deck

This skateboard is one of the best products that one can get for its price range. There are a lot of styles and varieties available. The width of the skateboard deck is 8.0”, which is the best size available for skaters who like using mid-sized skateboards. The bridge is pretty strong and flexible at the same time, which makes it suitable for both occasional and regular use. The bridge also has a nice pop and can be considered as one of the best value skateboard decks available in the market.


  • Solid deck, both flexible and robust.
  • Great pop.
  • Unbeatable price.


  • Grips have to be provided externally
  • Not recommended for extreme hardcore skaters.

Sk8mafia OG Logo PP 8.0 Deck

Having a muscular build, the deck of this skateboard is made especially for doing tricks and flicks. This product has top materials used for skateboard decks. The size is the exact mid, with 8.0” width of the bridge. This results in excellent control as well as right balance while performing. Additionally, the nose of the skateboard is quite curved, and the tail is prepared to withstand the kicks required for the stunts. The concave punch in is a significant advantage for the professional skaters out there.


  • Optimum sized desk.
  • Great for stunts.
  • Good control and balance.


  • Not for regular use.

Stuntz Skateboards “Bucktee Plankton” Park Skateboard Deck

The deck of this skateboard is very versatile, and it is one of the best quality products that can be found in the market at present. The price is comparative low as well, while the performance is the same as some of the high priced top brands. The olive pop is excellent. For skaters who like to skate parks, bowls, and streets, this is the one for them. The deck is made of 7-ply maple and is very sturdy.


  • The cost is way much lower for the performance.
  • Solid build.
  • The skateboard decks with the best pop are available.
  • Versatile deck.


  • Heavy weighted deck.
  • Not suitable for professional skaters.

Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue Skateboard Deck

The skateboard desk of this product is made up of organic polymers. This makes the office robust and lightweight and durable as well as provide enough flexibility. The width of the skateboard deck is however huge. It is as big as 10.25”. This makes it popular among large-sized skateboard deck users. The wheelbase is also very wide, and the pattern of the truck hole is quite modern. The concave is quite low, making the skateboard good for stunts.


  • Light weighted and durable product.
  • Large sized skateboard deck provides the right
  • Wide wheelbase.
  • Low concave.


  • Standardly sized users may find it hard to control.
  • Not for amateurs or low skilled skaters.

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck

The skateboard deck is made up of laminated bamboo which makes the skateboard unusually light while the bridge itself is solid as well. The pop of this skateboard is incredible and is highly suited for skaters who like to skate parks.

The bamboo material makes the deck last long as well. The concave is quite broad and blank. This makes it easier to control for skaters of all skill levels and age. This also makes the skateboard entirely eco-friendly, and it is available in all shapes and sizes.


  • Light and durable.
  • Great pop.
  • Deep Concave.
  • Lasts longer than traditional skateboards.
  • Easy to use.
  • Environment-friendly.


  • Not suitable for heavyweight
  • The deck is more prone to get scratches.

Element Quadrant #14 Skateboard Deck

This particular skateboard deck is designed according to the most modern trends and styles. The bridge is made explicitly by using driftwood technology. This allows the deck material to be healthy and sturdy, all while being flexible.

Additionally, the cost is not that much high as well. The width of the deck is medium, and the nose and the tail are well made for having control while performing stunts. The wheelbase is full as well, enabling the skater to have good control over the skateboard. The weight of the deck is incredibly light, which makes it a favorite among new and occasional skaters.


  • Low cost.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to control.
  • Provides good balance.


  • Not suitable for hardcore skaters.
  • Extra effort to be made by people having small feet to use it properly.

Buying Guide for Best Skateboard Decks

The above reviews state the basic features and qualities of the top skateboard decks that can be found in the market today. However, one need not be hasty with their decisions of buying a skateboard off a specific layer. Before choosing, one needs to know enough about the various types of skateboard decks, their varieties, and their qualities.

The Skateboard deck is the deck above which one rides the entire skateboard. The whole weight of the user lies on this deck. The wheels are attached to this desk only through axles, and this is how the skateboard is used for tricks and transportation. One also needs to know what material is the best for skateboard decks. Therefore, the customers need to have sufficient knowledge about the quality, the nature, the content and the various varieties of the skateboard decks that are available in the market.

Therefore let us go into the details of nature, variety, and qualities of the skateboard decks that can help the customers to understand what they need and what exactly they are looking for in a skateboard through the skateboard decks. The various aspects that the customers need to look out for are-

Size of Skateboard Needed

The width and the length of the skateboard deck is one of the most critical factors that one should look for before buying a skateboard. The floors are available in a wide range of sizes, mainly from 7.5” to 8.5”. The width and length needed completely depends on the person using it, especially his or her height, weight, shoe length and preferred skating styles. When sizes of the skateboard deck exceed the one needed, the control may still be possible, but with greater discomfort and difficulties. Even when the size is not enough, then also a skateboarder will not be able to find any stability while using it. There are different sizes provided for this purpose only so that one can find the size that is perfect for them. For most normal adults, the generally used skateboard size is 7.9”, and broader boards are becoming more and more popular as days pass by because of their greater stability.

The different sizes are-

Full Size

This size range is between 7.5” to 8.5”. It is considered as the best width of a skateboard deck for anyone above the age of 13 and with a height of 5’3” or more. The shoe size nine is said to be the best fitting for this size.

Mid Size

This size is mainly suitable for children who belong in the 9-12 age groups. With an average height between 4’5” and 5’3” and with shoe sizes 7 and 8, the width of the skateboard deck that is recommended is between 7.0” to 7.4”.

Mini Size

This size ranges from 6.5” to 7.0”. The age of the users of these sized skateboard decks is between 6-8 years. The average height of them is between 3’5” to 4’5” with 4-6 shoe sizes.

Micro Size

The lowest sized skateboard decks that are available belong to this category. With the deck width between 6.2” to 6.5”, this is mainly suitable for five-year-olds or younger kids having an average height below 3’5” and size three shoes.

Apart from these sizes, three basic standard sizes are available in the market. The standard deck width that is for the adult skateboarders who do tricks is between 7.5” to 8.0”. The range of 8.0” to 8.25” is the size range for skateboards that are used at ramps and parks. The larger skateboards, mainly 8.25” or higher, are the ones for cruising or for just showing off.

Styles of Skateboard Deck

For people who are interested in buying a skateboard for professional purposes, or just for fun, they must know about the various forms of skateboard decks that are available in the market. Mainly, there are four basic styles of skateboard decks. Each method has some particular advantages while doing certain tricks, so skateboarders who follow a specific type of skill practice should know about these styles. This will suit their techniques and help them perform even better. Further arrangements and customizations can only be done after that.

The four basic styles of skateboard decks are-


These types are the boards that have a tiny size and are more focused on form rather than quantity. These are better for those who do a lot of aerial tricks and flicks. For the skaters who prefer to skate in park or ramps, the styled shortboard deck is the best choice that they can go with.


These boards are generally accompanied by kicktails. However, the basic design is only for the benefit of cruising. The length of the skateboard decks of this particular style is usually medium. The cruisers are well known for their versatility and maneuverability. Therefore, the cruiser styled skateboard decks are the skateboards which are true to the sense of their name, that is, they are best when used for cruising the streets.

Old School

The skateboard decks having this style are generally the widest in length. They have a typical design which comprises of kicktails and flat nosed shapes. The nose is broad as well, which makes the skateboard look unbalanced overall. The skaters who are more inclined to skating ramps, pools and street carving will find the old school style of skateboard decks as the best suited for them.


For the new or occasional skaters who are not inclined to do tricks and flicks and want to use the skateboard mainly as a side fling or alternative means of transportation, skateboard decks of longboard style are just the perfect for them. As stated, this style is not meant for tricks. However, one can race easily while speeding down a longboard styled skateboard deck. The shape seems perfectly balanced, and they are lower to the ground than usual. The wheel sizes are more significant to compensate for this, and they provide a better rolling movement on plane surfaces rather than steep slopes.

Apart from these styles, there are two more popular styled skateboard decks as well. They are known as Element skateboard decks and Zero skateboard decks. They are available in a variety of shapes and hence, used by a lot of skaters all around the world.

Features of Skateboard Deck

The size of the skateboard decks varies a lot. The material of the skateboard decks differs as well. Wood, bamboo, plywood, carbon fiber or organic polymers and plastics are also used to make the skateboard decks. However, these only go with the preferences of the user. The user can, therefore, look at the most important factors and features that one should look for in a skateboard desk while buying a skateboard.

The important features are-


The width of the skateboard should always be given priority over the length. The width mainly depends on the style that the user is using. The size of the user should also be kept in mind. Having the correct diameter will enhance the skills of a skater.


The length of the skateboard deck is essential too. It is mainly the total distance between the nose and the tail of the bridge. This can be overlooked if one is not going for hardcore professional skating. However, for the sake of comfort, one should choose the size that fits them well.


This is the distance between the mounting holes of the deck. The wheel distance is determined by this. Adjusting this to the optimum length is the secret for good performance.

Nose and Tail

The front of the deck is the nose, and the back of the pack is termed as the tail of the skateboard. The nose and tails can change the performance dramatically merely by their size, so one needs to check these as well.

Mounting Holes

The trucks of the skateboards are attached through holes that are pre-drilled in the deck. These holes are known as mounting holes, and proper adjustment of them is required to bring the best out of the skateboard.


The deck is based on the layer of woods that is called the ply. This takes the entire weight of the skater while a skateboard is being used. So, one needs to choose a deck that is strong enough to handle the pressure.


The curve that lies in the deck between the nose and the tail is called the sunken. This curve is significant for controlling a skateboard in motion. Therefore, a firm and suited concave is essential.


The rails are attached in the edges of the deck and change the overall shape of the layer which can cause significant changes in performances. Rounded and sharp rails are mainly preferred as they provide the best way for performing tricks and flicks.

Apart from all these, a skater must always keep in mind the price of the skateboard. There may be cheap skateboard decks which have quality, and high priced ones may not be the best ever. So, it is better to look for all of these qualities in the skateboard which is the best for them and choose accordingly. For the best style, size and shape, even if the price is a little high, it is worth it. Therefore, buyers are advised to go for the best skateboard decks brands which will bring the best out of their performances or bring them genuine happiness.


Skateboards are often used as a medium of sports, but the primary objective is always to have fun. When one is stressed or nervous about something, there is no better way to overcome it than to go out and play. Having fun is the essential part, and skating can help you forget about your problems while you immerse truly in a highly enjoyable fun session. Skating is also not that much hard to learn, and the urge of practicing to get better is one of the most enjoyable parts of skating. Professional skaters will tell how thrilled they feel when they perform dangerous and risky tasks accurately. Even the beginners will say how much they have enjoyed skating. So, it is better to be relieved of stress all while having fun.

We are here to provide detailed information about any part of a skateboard deck that you need to know. So you can take your time and choose wisely what you want to purchase. Until then, make the most out of your skating experiences!