Top 16 Skateboard Helmets in 2019 Review

Safety is a top priority in every sports activity, and skateboarding isn’t left behind. Just as there are guards for cricket and gloves for cycling, helmets are for skateboarding. Skateboarding is all about fun, but you’ll be at peace and have even more fun knowing that your head is protected. For the best and maximum protection, you have to go for the best products in the market.

We’ve gone a step further to highlight to you the best skateboard helmets in the market. They are must-have skateboard helmets. Our products have been tested and approved. When it comes to picking the best helmets, there are certain aspects and factors that we consider. Our buying guide is going to tell you all about that. By the time you finish this article, your skateboarding experience will be on a new level. Sit back and read on!

16 Best Skateboard Helmets Review

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

It’s not every day that we come across a full-face helmet for skateboarding. Bike racing, yes, but skateboarding rarely. The Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet stands out from the rest. It is lightweight, comfortable, and provides maximum protection in case of occurrence of an accident. Not every manufacturer has mastered the art of producing something effective yet lightweight. The designer of the Triple 8 Downhill is amongst those with this rare subtle art.

You’ll fall in love with this helmet right from when you first set your eyes on it. It comes in a snug fit and a fashionable design. On top of offering maximum protection, you’ll be the center of attraction as long as you have this helmet on. It is available in colors black and white, both of which have the company’s logo at the front.

The interior of the helmet has been designed to meet all the needs of a regular skateboarder. Moreover, it passes all the ASTM ad CPSC certifications. We’ll, however, have to deduct a point from the Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet for its tinted visor. This becomes a lot riskier for night skaters. We, therefore, advise you to avoid skating at night with this helmet for security purposes. This is, however, not to dispute the excellent construction of the visor that reduces glare for perfect sight.


  • Provides maximum protection against all forms of impacts directed to the face
  • Made durable to beat the test of time
  • Comes in a glossy and fashionable design
  • It’s capable of bearing subsequent impacts regardless of the hardness


  • Its tinted visor rules it out for night skating

TSG Pass Helmet

If you’re in search of beauty and maximum protection simultaneously, the TSG Pass helmet is the one for you. The full-face helmet is very lightweight and super attractive, that will make you easily noticeable. Unlike most helmets in the market, this one doesn’t have any visible EPS foam on the edges. Instead, it is equipped with magnetic cheek pads that simplify the cleaning process and also a liner that adds comfort.

A feature worth applauding is the venting system of this helmet that will keep your head fresh. It has a spacious front space that allows you to wear goggles if you’re a lover of them. We have to warn you about the finish around the mouthpiece that is a little flawed and so you should be cautious when choosing the right size.

The interior of the helmet feels comfortable from when you put your head inside. You won’t struggle to wear this helmet on hotter days when you’re saturated with sweat. It also comes with a double D closure ring system. When compared with other helmets in its price range, the chin guard of the TSG Pass Helmet provides adequate flex and complies with the squeezer test, thus increasing your confidence when riding it down the road.


  • Provides maximum visibility
  • Comes with anti-fog coating
  • Lightweight and very comfortable


  • Available at a high price

Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

One thing that makes the Bern Unlimited Watts Summer Helmet popular and qualifies it for our list is its long-lasting outer shell made from ABS Polymer that gives it unmatchable strength and durability. It has been built strong enough to handle the toughest and hardest of impacts that you could possibly encounter.

When it comes to performance, Bern Unlimited is one of the best. It ensures top safety and also comes with 11 large vents whose purpose is to keep your head cool and dry at all times. The vents are very efficient at their job, we must say. Overall, this is a great helmet that has passed safety tests to ensure your safety and offer you the best when it comes to skateboarding.


  • Comes in different color options
  • Its thin shell EPS foam is durable
  • A strong visor that offers excellent ventilation
  • It is super comfortable and fashionable


  • Comes at a slightly expensive price

Pro-Tec Classified Certified Skateboard Helmet

If you aren’t the type that can spend more on quality, then the Pro-Tec Certified Classic Skateboard Helmet isn’t the one for you. This isn’t your ordinary everyday helmet. It’s a product that is specifically designed for protecting your helmet regardless of the speed that you’re skating at. Whether on bumps or sharp falls, worry not as long as you are wearing this helmet.

Pro-Tec has incorporated the newest technology on this helmet to absorb all types of impacts. Another thing that almost every skater has experienced and abhors is sweat flowing down the cheeks from the high temperatures brought about by the helmets. This isn’t the case with this product. It comes with an inbuilt wicking liner that prevents this scenario, leaving you to focus on your skating.

To add on the ventilation, this helmet comes with eleven large vents to cool your head at all times. It will be wrong for us not to praise it for its lightweight, comfortable, and versatile properties. You aren’t only limited to skating with this helmet, but can also use it in various sports. The helmet is up to date with all CPSC, ASTM and NZ safety regulations and its foam liner is in accordance with all safety testing.


  • It’s lightweight, comfortable and versatile
  • Offers maximum absorption against impacts
  • Contains 11 large vents for cooling purposes


  • When purchasing, you ought to go for one of a larger size than the one you currently have
  • It has a matte finish makes scratches visible

Punisher Skateboards Pro Series 13-Vent Dual Safety Certified

The Punisher Pro-Series Skateboard comes in one size that fits everyone and at a low and affordable price. It comes with three changeable pad sets to get the right size. Moreover, it is also equipped with 12 large vents for ventilation purposes and keeping your head fresh at all times and absorbing all the sweat and also removing the bad odor.

This helmet meets all standards of CPSC and ASTM, and thus, your safety is assured. The helmet comes in a bright blue neon color which is able to shine in the dark to warn motorists and drivers of your presence. Inside the shell features three foam ads which are removable. You have the option of changing them to make the helmet of sizes large, medium, or small. This enables it to be of one size that fits everyone.

Its ABS shell comes with an absorption liner that assists in protecting you from both light and heavy knocks. To top this up is a fast-release buckle with strap adjustments that allow you to tighten or take it off easily.  Unlike other cheap models, this one is made from a sturdy nylon strap that won’t break off easily.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Comes in 9 different bright colors
  • Dual safety standard


  • The straps can be difficult to use

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

The Triple Eight helmet is one designed to fit perfectly in your head and protect you from all types of impacts. Some of its signature features include the Sweatsaver technology, two premium colors and EPS hard foam. Its hard foam is CPSC certified, and this means that it can be used for other sports such as biking. If you’re a skateboarder who loves the everyday free ride, then here is your helmet.

This helmet is fitted with a terrycloth liner that wicks sweat and prevents it from dripping to your face or even worse, your eyes. In addition, it is well ventilated to ensure that the sweat is evaporated and doesn’t leave behind a foul smell. This helmet is made comfortable and versatile to protect your head and meet all your expectations.

One thing to note, however, is that its shock-absorbing rubber cracks after multiple impacts and becomes less efficient. This shouldn’t worry you as you’ll still be safe to ride. It is a multi-impact helmet, and despite the numerous spills, it will still protect your head from any injuries.


  • Comes in an advance multi-impact design
  • Adjustable straps
  • There is good ventilation to keep your head cool at all times


  • Doesn’t meet the ASTM, NZ and CPSC Certifications

Triple Eight 3037 Dual Certified, Small/Medium, All Black Rubber

This is a cheap helmet that comes with sturdy construction and smart engineering that meets all your skating needs. The high quality and unique design have granted this helmet the award for the best multi-impact helmet in the market. A lot of fantastic and unique features are in store with this unique product.

What makes this helmet stand out from the rest is its unique design. Its sidecut is fashionable and will look great on you. It comes with proper ventilation to ensure sufficient evaporation of sweat and prevent bacteria and odor. Its construction complies with the U.S CPSC Safety Standards for kids aged 5 and above. Other of its certifications are inclusive of CE EN 1078 required by cyclists and also AS/NZS 2063 required for bicycle helmet compliance.

This helmet comes with an outer shell and a sweat save-liner on the interior. For a perfect finish is its 360 degrees wraparound the design to ensure that there is no line separation in the interior. All in all, the Triple Eight 3037 Dual Certified helmet is a great and comfortable helmet that every skateboarder will appreciate.


  • Made versatile and multi-purpose
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Has triple eight logo rivets
  • Dual safety standard


  • Might be unfit for experts

JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified

The JBM Helmet doesn’t restrict you to skateboarding only but can use it for other sports such as cycling, BMX biking, roller skating and inline. No need to worry about your safety with this helmet. It is made in accordance with the CPCS and ASTM certifications which mean that it is ready to take on any challenge that comes along its way. It also features head straps for easy tightening and loosening.

Another fantastic feature worth mentioning about this helmet is its ability to resist impact and also anti-shock property. This is a show of how serious the manufacturers are about your safety. The manufacturers of JBM helmet made it using the best quality materials. Its hard shell comes with tough PVC and PC whose job is to prevent your head from any type of injuries and also absorb some of the shocks.

Proper ventilation is assured with this helmet courtesy of the aerodynamic design that it comes with and also the numerous vents that maintain a steady air flow while you go about your skating activities. Overall, the JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified is a great helmet that provides maximum functionality and is designed to last you a very long time.


  • Comes with adjustable straps to provide a snug fit
  • It is ideal for multi-sports
  • There is proper ventilation to keep your head cool
  • Effective impact resistance


  • The adjustable straps aren’t durable and so must be handled with care

ProRider BMX Bike and Skate

BMX says no one is restricted from enjoying the benefits accrued by their helmets and thus makes this product ideal for everyone; kids, youths and adults alike. On top of having numerous enticing features, the price tag slapped on it is reasonable and cheap so you won’t have to dig deep in your pocket to enjoy the benefits accrued by it.

We have to say; this isn’t your normal everyday helmet. It is an authoritative numerous sports helmet that is equipped with a sturdy exterior shell for the best head protection. Ventilation hasn’t also been left behind, and it is equipped with large vents to ensure a healthy flow of air to maintain you head fresh and cool at all times and also evaporate sweat and bad odor that could somewhat bring bacteria.

The design of the ProRider BMX helmet is in line with all safety regulations. Its straps are made from polyester and made durable unlike those of other brands. Padded inserts are added for a perfect fit.


  • Designed in line with all safety standards and regulations
  • Provides proper and adequate ventilation
  • Durable polyester straps
  • Comes with a sturdy exterior shell


  • Some customers complained that its design isn’t attractive and appealing to the eyes

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport

The bright colors attached to this helmet will be the climax of the attraction. Just as its name suggests, this helmet is specially designed for youths and is ideal for multi-sports; be it cycling, BMX Biking or roller skating, it is yours to use. Its age bracket is between 8 and 14. Its glossy and fashionable design is also worth commending on top of its bright colors.

The Razor V-17 helmet is packed with 17 large vents that maintain the head dry and free from sweat during hot days. Its side straps are also fashionable and come in gloss black color. They assist you to easily and quickly fasten and adjust your helmet for a perfect fit. Its ergonomic interior is padded for added comfort and security.

This helmet is designed to fit head sizes 21.5 to 23 inches. If you want the best skating experience for your young ones, the Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport helmet is the way to go.


  • Provides maximum safety
  • Ideal for youths and kids
  • It’s compliant with the CPSC safety regulations
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Its size may be large for kids aged 8 and 9
  • Comes in three sizes

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport

The Critical Cycles Classic Commuter helmet has arrived on the market and is ready to keep you safe. This isn’t a full-face helmet, but its shell covers most of the face to give you the benefits accrued by other full-face helmets. This is a multipurpose helmet designed to protect your head at all times and comes in beautiful hues for all personalities.

The Critical Cycles helmet has been tested and its construction is ideal for different sports; bike, skiing, and skating. Its certifications include ASTM F1446, EN 1077, EN 1078, and CFR part 1203, among others. This helmet comes in a variety of matte colors for an excellent accentuation of your bike and augmentation of your personality. It is designed for people above age 14.

This helmet comes with two sets of inner pads that vary in thickness to ensure that you have a snug and customized fitness for added comfort. It’s constructed with six large rectangular vents that facilitate the exchange of cool and fresh air in that pushes out stagnant and stuffy air. Its high-quality EPS foam is a shock absorber that takes care of any impact that comes its way.


  • Comes in a perfect size
  • Designed for multi-sports
  • Comes with multi-color options
  • It is in accordance with the CPSC regulations


  • No cons apart from the customer care received upon purchase

Punisher Skateboards 11-Vent Multi-Sport

Everyone loves cool and stylish graphic designs and Punisher has incorporated those in their helmets. Right from when you first set your eyes on the Punisher Skateboard 11- Vent Multi-Sport, you will fall in love with it. This helmet is designed for the young ones. It comes in a medium size which makes it ideal for kids between ages 6 and 14. With this, their safety is assured.

Styles and designs that come with this helmet include the Butterfly Jive, Cherry Blossom, Elephantasm, Jinx, Ranger, and Teddy. Your kids will be lost of options, and with each being amazingly cool, the choice to go for will be difficult. This helmet comes with extra pads that make the helmet a size smaller and provides a snug fit.

This helmet comes with 11 large vents that ensure your head is cool and sweat evaporated. Its shell is constructed using ABS plastic and comes with a foam liner, EPS type that is black in color. Safety is a top priority with this helmet certified and compliant with the CPSC standards and regulations. Overall, this is a great skateboard that will do a good job of protecting your young one as well as make them the center of attraction.


  • Comes with 11 large cooling vents
  • Cool graphics found on the exterior shell
  • Its chin straps are adjustable for a customized fit
  • Made of a hard outer shell


  • Its size is a little bit big and round

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport

It’s said that safety begins with an individual and riding a skateboard with no certified helmet isn’t the way to go. The Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport helmet is one that is more than safe to use. It is ASTM and CPSC certified and can be used for different sports, be it longboarding, roller skating or biking. For those who love aggressive skating, this is your choice.

With the Flybar helmet, you’re no short when it comes to colors to choose from. It comes with nine bright and fantastic colors, all dependent on your preference. Whether you’re looking for a solid matte design or a simple but cool design, there is something for you. Each of the styles comes in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. For a perfect fit, ensure that you measure your head from the middle of your forehead, going around.

Ventilation isn’t left behind with the Flybar helmet. This helmet is equipped with 12 large vents to keep your head cool at all times. At the back of the helmet comes an adjustable spin dial to ensure that you have a perfect and safe fit. Finally, its long lasting outer shell and foam lining are put in place to ensure that you have maximum head protection from any impacts and that you’re comfortable with the snug fit.


  • Comes in numerous color options
  • Features a spin dial that is adjustable for a snug fit
  • CPSC and ASTM certified for safety


  • Some of its design choices are expensive


Kryptonics Step Up Large/X-Large Helmet –Purple

What you’re settling for with the Kryptonics Step up helmet is a lightweight, high energy absorbing and right performing product. This is the perfect helmet for beginners regardless of the sport that you want to engage yourself in. With this helmet, you’re not only safe but also comfortable. Let your young ones skate with the Kryptonics Step up with the confidence of protection from head injuries.

This helmet is fitted with a high impact resistant ABS outer shell and EPS dense foam liner to ensure that you get maximum protection. In addition, it features 12 large vents that will ensure the head of your kid is cool at all times by evaporating away sweat and removing bad odor. It also features a chin strap with a clip that offers easy access and visibility. This helmet is designed and is ideal for kids above age 8.


  • Has proper ventilation
  • Its interior is padded for added comfort
  • Snug and customized fit


  • Its outer shell isn’t thick enough

Krash Vector Victor Helmet

Some time back, it was pretty hard to look cool in a helmet, until the Krash Vector Victor helmet crashed the market. Krash’s aim is to design the ‘greatest’ helmets on earth. Well, this one isn’t the greatest, but it definitely is one of the coolest. Having this helmet on will make you the center of attraction and stand out from the rest.

If you’re still in the 2D world, it’s time to upgrade with the Krash Vector Victor helmet. This helmet is the first to offer 3D for the youths. With it, you can expect lots of excellent graphics as well as original 3D features. Safety is also core with it. Its design is compliant with the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.  Also, the helmet is made durable and can withstand subsequent impacts. Putting this helmet on will make you less worried about your head but rather be more focused on an adventurous skating experience as you look good.


  • It is CPSC and ASTM certified
  • Comes in a fresh 3D design
  • It’s made to resist numerous impacts


  • Its plastic outer shell isn’t durable


Traverse Vigilis 2-in-1

After one year of trying this helmet, we’re still convinced that it’s amongst the best the market has to offer. This is one helmet designed to take the hardest of beatings. Even after being kicked and scrapped against objects, it still looks okay. The helmet isn’t only restricted to skateboarding; you can use it in other sports too such as biking and roller skating.

With the 14 large vents that it comes with, you’re sure to get an ultimate temperature regulation. Your head will be kept cool at all times with sweat and bad odor being cooled off. What we love about it is its Ergoknob that is essential to its design. You need to hand twist it to the left for tightening and to the right for loosening. Finally, it is also equipped with earmuffs that provide warmth and protection.


  • It’s made durable to last long
  • CPSC Certified and approved
  • Equipped with 14 large vent


  • Its chin strap isn’t easily adjustable

How to Choose Good Skateboard Helmet

Going for the best skateboard helmets is essential, and therefore you need to be very selective with what you go for. Most of the skaters sadly don’t view helmets as important items and thus don’t see the need to invest a lot in them. We always try to limit our cash and fail to go for what’s important. Rather than risking your life, we would recommend that you invest some little bucks and choose what’s right for you. So, before making that purchase on your best helmet, here are factors that you need to consider

Helmet’s Fit

One of the most crucial decisions while buying your helmet is the fit. You cannot waste your money and buy something that doesn’t fit you right; either too small or too big. We know the disappointment that this comes with, and wouldn’t want you to experience the same. Buying the wrong size is also a waste of your time, as you will keep returning and re-ordering.

To save you all that hassle, you need to go for the right fit. Before buying the helmet, you need to get the size of your helmet by measuring it using a tape measure. You also need to get the size of your head. Begin by measuring approximately 2 ½ cm above your forehead. Complete the circumference around your head and take note of the measurement. Measure the size of the helmet and compare the two figures.

Doing this is essential as it will provide you with a snug fitting and save you time, energy, and frustration of going back to get another helmet. Having the right fit is also very important as you skate. The helmet is able to maintain on your head without falling off occasionally. This isn’t only frustrating but also dangerous. Helmets are meant for your head and not to fall off all the time.

Type of Helmet

The market has lots of options with skateboard helmets. There is a standard recommended type but on top are also a few other options that you can go for. They are as listed below

Full face helmets

When it comes to maximum road safety, the full-face helmets are the best. With your whole face covered, the possibility of your head or any part of the jaw hitting the ground in the occurrence of an accident is minimal. They are the perfect choice for the aggressive riders.

Youth and Kids helmets

The sizes of these helmets are ideal for kids and youths. They help protect your young ones from any form of impact and head injuries. In this category, we recommend the wiggle helmets. These are the most popular and the best in this category because of their safety standards.


Just as their name indicates, these are for skateboarders skating for leisure. They are extremely lightweight, have great looks, and come with lots of great features. Their downside is that they are expensive.


The BMX helmets come in both open face and full face. Their open-face versions are designed for dirt jumping and flatland riding while the full face versions are designed for BMX racing. The full face offers a lot more protection than their counterparts.

Road helmets

Road helmets are multipurpose helmets and are ideal for other sports aside from skateboarding such as cycling and bike riding.


It’s certain that the work of helmets is to safeguard your head, but it’s imperative that you safeguard yourself 100%. Your protection is core, and you have to be very cautious with what you settle for. The outer shell of the helmet that you’ll go for has to be constructed using hard plastic while its inner shell must be made using hard rubber. With these, your head will be provided with adequate protection as well as comfort. The helmet should be able the hardest of impacts that come along its way.


Another core thing that every buyer should always consider before making their skateboard purchase is the price. You wouldn’t like to buy a product that exceeds your budget. Well, we wouldn’t want to put a price tag for the ‘appropriate’ price as this word differs with everyone. Moreover, every company has different prices depending on their quality.

There is, however, one notion that isn’t always true. A higher price doesn’t always guarantee you high quality. There are pretty fantastic helmets out there that come with reasonable and affordable price. In most of the cases, however, the higher the price, the higher the quality. This is normally to compensate for the materials used in its construction.

Straps and Retention system

Another core factor to consider is your helmet’s retention system and also straps. Straps are there to keep your helmet in their positions intact. Throughout any activity that involves opening your mouth, whether talking or drinking water, the helmet is secured and will remain in its position.

There are two types of straps; the normal straps and V-shaped straps. The v-shaped straps form the letter v under the ear. These are compulsory to have. The retention systems are also important considerations. You should adjust your helmets for a stable fit easily. A good retention system will ensure that this is possible.

Finally, ensure that your helmet comes with proper padding. This will not only provide you with comfort, but it will also ensure that your sweat is absorbed. Some of the helmets are equipped with removable padding that enables you to remove them for cleaning and washing successfully.


The above-listed factors are important. These are what constitute best helmets. A helmet with all these features is the best. It means that you are 100% secure and also comfortable. So next time you’re at the store picking your helmet to be sure to check the factors for approval.

With the information provided, you’re now set to get yourself the best skateboard helmet. No choice is a wrong choice; it all depends on your needs and preference. Skateboarding should be a fun and adventurous experience, and you’ll only achieve this if you’re fully protected. Do not underestimate the helmets; your life could depend on them. So next time you’re out to skateboard, strap on your helmet and go have the best of fun!