10 Best Skateboard Tricks You Need to Try Out

Skateboarding is probably one of the coolest sports with so many tricks and stunts one can do with style. Skateboarders wow people as they do daredevil tricks and even create new ways to make skateboarding better! But of course, we also want to remember the classic best skateboard tricks, because it’s when it all began.

Plus, if you’re going to start skateboarding, it has to be with the most known ones! So what are the best skateboard tricks of all time to practice and try for yourself? Read on as I show you the ten awesome tricks you should at least watch for yourself now.

The Ten Best Skateboard Tricks

Skateboarding is a sport that will never run out of new tricks and ideas to master. So whether you’re new to skateboarding or want to learn even more professional stunts, check out these best skateboard tricks! Just remember to practice safety first if you plan to do any of these moves.


The kickflip is the most basic trick all beginners should learn from and excel in first. You lift your skateboard’s deck from the ground to 180-degrees, then lean back from the skateboard to raise your nose.

The trick can be done on the ground or ramp, resulting in accurately quick turns. It’s a great way to begin learning to more complex skills.

The Ollie

The Ollie is one of the best skateboard tricks to master for beginners and professionals. It’s actually the first trick many professionals learned when they began skateboarding!

To do this trick, you lift your body while the skateboard’s on the ground. Bend your knees as you lift then and the board’s tail should be off the ground first.


The Nollie is a reverse version of the Ollie. Rather than the tail being raised first when jumping, it’s the board’s nose.

To do this trick, your back foot needs to be at the board’s center, then place your foot in front. Jump and raise the front of your skateboard, leveling the board as you’re in the air.


This is similar to the kickflip, though its difference is the direction. You use your back foot as you raise the board’s nose.

Do this trick while beginning the Ollie trick position, then use the back foot as you lift the board’s face from the ground when jumping. Then, place your front foot on the board’s nice, flicking it with your back heel. Hold the board with your feet when landing.


This is a more complicated trick, having you literally ride the wall as you skate! When well riding, your two feet need to be on both ends of your deck. Then, raise up the board’s nose as you’re coming into contact with the wall.

Once the skateboard’s rolls up to the walls, your back has to face the wall. Direct the skate up and down, similar to a rainbow arc. Land by raising the board’s nose to slide down safely.

Pop Shove It 360

You’ll need to be very careful when doing this trick so you can master it well.

Achieve this trick through raising your front foot only slightly, then scooping its tail using your back foot. When done properly, the board can spin 180-degrees in the air. It’s a slightly complicated trick, but a worthy one you’ll want to master and show off to others.

Fakie Bigspin

The Fakie Bigspon is a common and popular skateboarding trick many know and love. You do this trick by facing the opposite direction to the original position of your skateboard. Rotate your body 180-degrees as you spin the board 360-degrees, this time in the same direction.

Use your shoulders to help direct the movement and when turning your shoulders, your feet should roll the board’s tail in the same direction. It’s a bit tricky, but it’s fairly easy to master in time.

Inward Heel Flip

This trick is the combination of both the heelflip and the backward pop shove it trick. It’s pretty complicated, but can be done by beginners!

Put your front foot on the side then place it diagonally when sliding, similar to the hell flip. Your back foot is important here, so set it up as usual for the heelflip, but at the edge of the tail. Add more angle to your feet when doing so.

Blunt Fakie

The Blunt Fakie is actually one of the very complicated best skateboard tricks to master for newbies. It’s best that intermediate skateboarders practice it rather than newbies first.

This trick’s similar to the Fakie, though you have to make sure that you’re going straight towards copings. The tail should be up then as you’re on the air, pop the board back to a fakie and land as usual. It looks amazing but requires a lot of work and practice.

No Comply

This is a pretty cool old-school trick that many know and love, created in the 80s by Neil Blender. You do this on flat ground, so make sure it’s smooth and even.

With the trick, you pop the board in the air using your back knee. The front foot should be on the ground for a second. This is the easiest trick to do and nice to show off!

Wrapping It Up

There are different types of skateboarding tricks anyone can try, ranging from amateur to professional. Make sure that you begin with simpler tricks and gradually train your way to the top to prevent injury! By learning about the best skateboard tricks, you can pave your way to the sport without getting hurt.

Hopefully, this article on the best skateboard tricks gave you an idea on what you can begin practicing with now. So don’t wait any longer and start learning more about the tricks you want to master to become a skateboarder today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences trying these best skateboard tricks, comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!