Top 10 Skateboarders Of All Time – List Of 10 Popular Skaters

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports that many people, from amateurs to professionals, love doing. What’s great about it is its versatility, seen as works of art, hobbies, professional jobs, even as forms of transportation! That’s why there are now over ten million skateboarders worldwide today, proving just how well-loved and popular the sport is.

In fact, skateboarding is included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, all thanks to the many skateboarders who influenced the sport. But who are these best skateboarders that have helped make the world of skateboarding go broader? Read on to learn all about the top ten best skateboarders of all time!


Ten Best Skateboarders

Are you wondering who the best skateboarders are right now? From the originals to the newer generation, these are the world’s top skateboarders to look up to in the industry:

Rodney Mullen

When avid skateboarding fans think of the best skateboarders, Rodney Mullen will always be first in mind. He’s actually one of the legends of skateboarding today, considered as the one who made it into a sport. Skateboarding since 10 years old, this skateboarder learned and created almost everything many follow today.

From ollies to flip tricks, as well as backside flips and the like, this is one skateboarder that stands out. Mullen gives his all and teaches as many skateboarders as he can, making him one of the best today!

Tony Hawk

Another one of the most popular and best skateboarders of all time is Tony Hawk, also known as “The Birdman.” He’s the most influential and fulfills inventor of the modern-day skateboarding.

Having started skateboarding as a child, he knew he had the talent and skill, evolving to a professional at 14 years old. Furthermore, Hawk is a National Skateboard Association titleholder, winning multiple awards and continues to be the face of skateboarding today.


Bob Burnquist

Bob Burnquist is a Brazilian professional skateboarder, one of the most popular worldwide. This is because he took part in all 52 X-Games competitions and of all those games, he won a whopping 26 medals!

He is famous and unique because of being the first to fulfill the 50-50 landing into the Grand Canyon, as well as being the first to land a fake 900. You know he’s one of the best skateboarders as he truly focuses on detail to make his moves more beautiful.


Danny Way

Danny Way is well-known for his extreme stunts in skateboarding, winning the award of world’s best skateboarder… TWO times. He has jumped the high wall, out of a helicopter, and participated in the X-Games multiple times. Yes, he was injured in some occasions but continues on to pursue his passion and love for the sport.

With all the accomplishments, awards, as well as the work he puts into, Danny really deserves the respect and title as best skateboarder!


Bucky Lasek

Bucky Lasek has truly lived up to the expectations as being some of the most dedicated skateboarders today. He has participated in ten X-Games, sustained a lot of injuries, yet continues to move on and work on new ways to wow the crowd.

Besides this, he even came out on the cover of the ESPN magazine! Not only is he known in the skateboarding world, but in rallycross racing as well, making him an all-out athlete!


Andrew Reynolds

If you aren’t familiar with Baker, this is a famous skateboarding brand owns by Andrew Reynolds. Not only is he a businessman, but an influential skateboarder that many are familiar with in the industry.

Handling skateboards at nine years old, he’s also known as the most talented street skateboarders. As he began younger, he influences many younger people to do the same, excelling in many awesome moves and tricks.


Eric Koston

I’m sure many will find inspiration in Eric Koston’s story. He’s an American professional skateboarder and owns his own company today, making him a success despite his history.

He’s won many skateboarding competitions and wowed millions with his insane tricks and moves, to the point he was featured in some Tony Hawk games. It just goes to show that despite not finishing school, you can excel and accomplish your passions if you continue working hard!


Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero is well-known for his invention of the Fakie 360 ollie. He began skateboarding at 12 years old and began his professional career when he turned 14. Besides the timeless move, he also invited the Frontslide Boardslide!

He has retired from the skateboarding industry (he’s 53 years old now), but many still recognize him as one of the best skateboarders to date. After all, no one would forget his many awards and classic techniques!


Mark Gonzalez

This man is an important figure in the skateboarding industry, sponsored by Adidas and popular for his grinding. Many are amazed by his gap clearing, as well as his unique, self-made tricks.

Millions of skateboarders are influenced by his mad performance, following his tricks and polishing up their own skills with what he teaches to his audience. Today, he’s now an artist and company owner!


Chris Cole

I admire Chris Cole for the mad skills and tricks he has, making him deserve a spot on the list. He’s won a ton of competitions and is well-known for such a unique logo.

Not only is he known for his many wins, but his amazing clear gaps when skating! Sure, he isn’t the most popular, but he definitely has the talent comparable to any of these best skateboarders up here.


Wrapping It Up

Skateboarding has become so popular, with millions watching different tricks and moves. Who do we have to thank for the classic and newer skateboarding tricks today? To the original and skilled people who take the sport on with passion in mind!

I hope this cool article one the best skateboarders gave you an idea on who to look up to. So start following these skateboarders and check out a glimpse of their lives now!

If you have any questions or want to share your take on these best skateboarders, comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated.