Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard Review

Imagine just how much fun you will be having if you get to ride an electric skateboard every day on your way to work; not only will it be enjoyable, but you also help the earth.

Among the many different brands and models, the Boosted 2nd Gen electric skateboard is probably one of the best; if you need more convincing, here are some information that we managed to gather to help you decide.

Features and Specifications

Powerful Electric Motors

The Boosted 2nd Gen has powerful electric motors that allow you to cruise through city streets, and even climb up steep hills with ease. This electric skateboard can climb up streets with a 25% grade, like the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard, which is a feat that even small cars have trouble doing.

This electric longboard has two electric motors with a combined total power of 2,000 watts, which is more than enough for everyday commutes. The battery can last for an hour running at full tilt, which is more than enough time for you to get to your destination in the city.

The motors pack enough punch to help the skateboard accelerate up to 22 miles per hour, which is much faster than if you were to push it along using your feet. This is much faster than most bikes, especially when you are riding on level city streets.

The motors also act as electric brakes so you can control the speed of your descent, and help you stop on a dime. The braking system gradually decelerates the board so you won’t be thrown off.

This skateboard also has regenerative braking, which means that every time you brake, it charges the batteries a bit. This nifty little feature helps increase the mileage of a single charge of the batteries.

Lightweight and Portable

Even though the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual has two electric motors, it is still light enough that you can carry it in your arms, like when you need to take the train, bus, or any other kind of public transportation. However, because of the two electric motors, it is still quite heavy so you might want to get a carrying bag for it.

The longboard design makes it easier to ride than the traditional skateboard design. The learning curve is not steep, you can learn to go really fast with just a bit of practice. The longboard is more stable and much easier to keep your balance on, making it perfect for long distance rides.

The wireless Bluetooth remote provides you with a safe way to control the board’s acceleration and braking. You do not have to deal with loose wires that might get tangled around you while you are riding.

Allows You to Go Anywhere

Say goodbye to the days when you had to circle the parking lot endlessly looking for an empty space, just carry your board inside with you.

Traffic jams will be a thing of the past; scoot through the gridlock of vehicles to get to your destination at the fraction of the time.

You can choose from two battery options: the standard battery for 6 miles of travel, or the extended battery that lets you go up to 12 miles.

If you run out of batteries, you can still use this like a traditional longboard.

It is built tough. This skateboard is made of durable materials and crafted meticulously so that the board can withstand all the punishment brought about by city pavements.

The Good

It is easy to ride

Even if you have no idea how to ride a longboard, or it has been years since you skated, you will have no trouble learning how to ride the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual.

The board is flexible and the wheels have the right amount of give to make cruising through rough city streets a breeze.

It has more than enough power

Its dual motors allow the longboard to carry more than 200 pounds of weight easily.

It can reach speeds of more than 20 miles per hour on flat surfaces, which is like the other top electric longboards like the BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard.

Can easily travel up to 6 miles on the standard battery, when using the extended battery, the range is doubled.

Built to last

This longboard is made of high-quality materials

Can last for years with minimal maintenance


The Bad

No charger for the remote

You must supply your own mini USB charger for the remote, and to make things worse, it is hard to find antiquated mini USB cables and chargers these days.

This model should have used micro USB or a more modern USB Type C port, especially since this board has a hefty price tag.

The wheels are too hard

You feel all the tiny bumps on the road at low speed, even the smallest cracks in the road are jarring

If the board was a bit more flexible, and the wheels are a bit more shock-absorbing, like in the BACKFIRE G2S Electric Longboard, the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual would have been a very comfortable ride.

Who is it for?

The Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard is meant for people who live in the inner city and who are tired of dealing with rush hour traffic jams.

Even people who haven’t ridden a skateboard their entire lives can easily go from beginner to a pro with a day’s worth of practice. If you are a beginner (and even if you are experienced), it is imperative that you wear the recommended safety gear when riding.

The dual electric motors have more than enough power to carry people who weigh over 200 pounds with ease. It can even climb up steep inclines without much trouble.


The Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard might have a hefty price tag, but you will be getting more than your money’s worth in fun from it. Even if you are not as young as you used to be, you will find that riding an electric longboard is not as hard as you first thought it would be.

If you are looking for something that will give you countless hours of fun, and help make your daily commute a whole lot easier than before, then you need to check out the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard right now.