Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard Review

The fun does not have to stop when the pavement ends, with the Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard that is not the case. Being one of the best motorized skateboard models, it has more than enough power to provide you with an alternative way to get around town, with the added benefit of not having to sit through rush hour traffic.

Features and Specifications

Motor and Batteries

The Evolve Carbon GT is powered by two, brushless electric motors that have a combined power of 3000 watts, which is even more powerful than the SuperbProductions 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard. This is more than enough power to propel the board up to speeds of 26 miles per hour on the streets and around 22 miles per hour off road, depending on the trail conditions.

The twin motors also have enough torque to push the board and its rider up a 25 percent grade from a standing start.

The 36V batteries also have enough juice to push the Evolve Carbon GT up to 18.5 miles in a single charge, which is again dependent on the weight of the rider and his/her riding habits. The batteries of the board will take 4 to 5 hours of charging.

The motors are also capable of regenerative braking, meaning the motors turn into dynamos when the brakes are pushed. This means the motors charge the batteries when you press on the brakes; this essentially means that you can increase the mileage of the batteries by using the brakes effectively.

Deck and Wheels

The deck of the Evolve Carbon GT is made using a combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar; this provides the board with more than enough strength and flexibility to provide you with the most comfortable ride regardless of the terrain. In addition, these materials make the board very lightweight. The bulk of the board’s weight is mostly made up by the huge electric motors.

The board comes with two sets of wheels: Black Evolve 93mm polyurethane wheels for the streets (the same being used by the Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo ONE Electric Longboard Skateboard), and 7-inch Evolve all-terrain wheels for when you want to take the board off-road.

The Good

Extremely powerful dual motors

The Evolve Carbon GT all terrain skateboard has two powerful motors, with a total power output of 3000 watts. This means the board has enough power to get you up to speeds of more than 20 miles per hour easily.

The motors also have more than enough juice to climb up a 25 degree incline without any issues.

Lightweight deck construction

The deck of the Evolve Carbon GT is made of lightweight materials, mostly carbon fiber and Kevlar. This combination gives the deck rigidity and lots of flexibility. In fact, when the board is in street configuration, it only weighs a little over 17 pounds, which is actually very light considering that there are two massive electric motors powering the board.

Wheels can be swapped depending on the road conditions

The Evolve Carbon GT comes with two sets of wheels, one set for the streets, and another for off-road purposes. This way, you do not have to worry about not having enough pavement to skate on; just swap out the wheels and continue carving to your heart’s content.

These are just a couple of the great things that you can get when you have the Evolve Carbon GT, there are many more things to discover so you should get one as soon as you can.


The Bad

The batteries are not the best in the world

After a couple of months the batteries would deteriorate so much that you can only get around 6 miles of travel on a full charge. The worst part is that replacement batteries cost almost half of the retail cost of the entire board. The board uses still uses Li-ion batteries, while other electric boards are already using the more efficient INRs.

The remote controller usually disconnects

There are some units that have the problem of randomly disconnecting while you are in the middle of a ride. This would have been so dangerous if the motors did not gradually slow the board down when the remote gets disconnected. This is such as shame because the remote controller for the Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard is actually nicely designed.

Who is it for?

The Evolve Skateboards – Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard has too much power for a complete beginner to handle. The dual motors pushing 3000 watts of power is primarily for experienced boarders only. If you have no experience whatsoever riding a skateboard, it is better that you get a low-powered electric board that is meant for city riding, like the Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard.


The Evolve Carbon GT, despite its flaws, is still one of the most exciting electric skateboards that you can buy today. There are only a handful of boards that can rival its dual motor, 3000 watt total setup, and there are even fewer boards that can easily switch from city riding to off-road carving in a snap.

Is it the perfect electric skateboard? Far from it. However, it is one of the most exciting rides that your money can buy. If you get the chance, you really should check this board out.