How Many Calories Does Rollerblading Burn?

We all know rollerblading is effective for weight loss. Wearing your skates all day can make you sweat and tone your muscles. However, are those factors enough for you to rely on rollerblading as your go-to workout?

To know for sure, we must find out the number of calories inline skating can burn. Most fitness experts count calories burned to figure out if a certain activity is efficient for losing weight.

So, how many calories does rollerblading burn? Who knows, maybe inline skating is what you need for faster progress in terms of fitness goals.

The thing is, the number of calories burned from rollerblading depends on multiple factors. You may think other people have better progress than you, but there’s no point comparing. Find out why!

The number of calories burned is based on your weight.

If you think losing a few calories is such a bummer, we have good news for you. Every calorie you burn really counts. The reason? You can’t expect all people to burn so much. News flash — it totally depends on your weight!

The logic here is simple: a heavier person burns more calories. So, if you see that you burn fewer than someone you know, don’t fret. Maybe you’re just smaller in comparison.

The number of calories burned also depends on your skills.

Despite the fact that your weight is a huge factor on the calories you burn, the way you skate can also affect your stats. If you can only glide slowly on flat ground, don’t expect to burn a lot.

But, if you skate faster especially on uneven ground, rest assured you’ll burn more than you expect. The catch? You should master more techniques.

How many calories does rollerblading burn?

Since we can’t give you one exact answer, the least we can do is give you a list of raw data. The following numbers are based on normal speed:

  • 160 pounds = 913 calories per hour
  • 200 pounds = 1,138 calories per hour
  • 240 pounds = 1,363 calories per hour


Losing weight by inline skating has nothing to do with wearing the best pair of skates from the best rollerblade brands. It is all about dedication to master the basic techniques so you can skate for an hour or two. For faster results in your weight loss journey, learn how to speed up your glides.