How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard Correctly

Are you wondering how to take trucks off a skateboard? I know how much of a hassle it might seem to be, but it’s actually easy as long as you have the tools! With the proper steps, it’ll only take a bit of time and effort, and you’ll be able to either replace or clean your trucks successfully.

But the question is: How can you do it without risking any damage to the skateboard? Whether you’re cleaning the trucks or replacing it, read on! I’ll be showing you a quick and informative guide on how to take trucks off a skateboard properly.

How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard

You’ll be surprised to know that learning how to take trucks off a skateboard isn’t difficult. In fact, you just need simple tools you have at home and a few minutes of your time! Here are the steps to follow when taking them off:

Prepare Your Tools

Before anything else, you’ll need to ensure that you prepare your tools and the skateboard itself. Have the following items with you:

  • Your skateboard, obviously
  • Strong screwdriver
  • A skate tool or plier

Prepare your skateboard to the optimum and safer position as well for a more comfortable time. Flip your skateboard over and put the truck on a horizontal position for ease of taking off. This is actually more of a personal preference for me!

Remove the Nuts

To take off the truck, you’ll have to remove all the bolts that attach it to your board. You can use pliers for this, or when using your skateboard tool, use the smallest socket.

Place it on any of the nuts of your skateboard truck, then put the screwdriver to the screw inside that nut. You’ll need two hands on one side of your skateboard for stability as you put force into taking the bolts off.

When the skate tool or pliers’ in place, hold your screwdriver and turn your socket wrench, squeezing down as you twist the screwdriver. This removes all four of the nuts from its screws efficiently. Repeat this step for all the nuts and bolts on the skateboard truck, making sure that you have a good grip while doing so. Honestly, doing this feels a bit awkward, but an easier method.

This is why I recommend you take skateboard trucks off on a flat and sturdy surface you’re comfortable in. You might even want to consider getting help for an extra pair of hands to lessen the hassle.

Take Off Your Trucks

Once all the nuts and bolts are gone from the skateboard truck, take it off its screws. Make sure that when you’re taking it off, you do it gently to prevent the board or trucks from getting damaged. When you’ve taken off the truck, you’ll have a clean board with eight screws sticking out from it.

If for some reason you want to take the screws off, you can do so. I’ll be getting into that in the next section!

Easier Screw Removal

Some people want to take off the screws from the skateboard, which were what helped attach it to the truck. It can be for a full skateboard repair or to use the board for decoration purposes only. Whatever the reasons, follow these steps for easier screw removal.

  • Place your skateboard on a hard and flat surface with its screws down.
  • Press down on your skateboard hard and with a lot of pressure. Some people even jump on the skateboard’s center, which is effective and fun. But, it can risk the damage of your board or have you lose a few screws, so be wary!

If ever doing those steps can’t get those screws out, here’s another method to follow:

  • Using a hammer, beat and hit your screws out of your board. If you don’t have a hammer, you can use your skateboard trucks and still reap the same effects.
  • Use your truck’s flat side and press it on the ends of the board’s screws, popping them out. If ever your truck can’t work, then it’s best to use a hammer, a surefire way to definitely get those screws out.
  • This method is best used if you won’t be using the skateboard truck and the screws again. After all, it went through a lot of pressure from the hammering, which can end up slightly damaging or wearing out the truck. As a result, its efficiency and performance if affected, if not ruined.

Will You Install New Trucks?

Did you remove the truck to install new ones? If you plan to either replace or reinstall the trucks back to the deck, here are the steps to follow:

  • Place your skateboard trucks over the holes on your skateboard deck.
  • Use your thumb to push down the skateboard’s screws through the deck and into the truck’s holes.
  • Use your fingers to put the hardware nuts on the screws’ ends. Turn the screws until it’s tight enough and you can’t turn it anymore. You can use a tool for this for more comfort and quicker time.
  • When all the nuts are placed correctly, use your skate tool, tightening all the screws just the same way you removed them.

And there you have it, you’re ready to use your skateboard! Give it a test run and adjust as needed.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to taking trucks off your skateboard, your main focus is to prevent any damage on the entire thing. With the simple tools and easy steps, you’ll only take a few minutes to do this. You’ll be able to take off even the best skateboard trucks without the worry of breaking it.

I hope that this article on how to take trucks off a skateboard helped you out tremendously! So don’t wait any longer and begin taking the right steps to replace or cleaning your trucks now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips on how to take trucks off a skateboard, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!