How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks – Best Ways to Tight Skate Trucks

No matter how expensive or high quality it is, good skateboard trucks still require some tightening. After padding and cruising on the skateboard, you’ll want a bit of an upgrade and tightening the trucks is the best way to start! But not a lot of people know how to tighten skateboard trucks, and why it’s crucial for budding skateboarders.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to learn what to for you to learn how to tighten them well! So if you’re wondering about how to tighten skateboard trucks properly, read on! I’ll be showing you why and how to tighten your trucks properly.

The Importance of Tightening Skateboard Trucks

There are actually various reasons why it’s important to tighten your trucks when you can. Here are some of the advantages it has to offer:

Larger Skateboarding

We don’t skateboard on purely flat surfaces, but on steps, gaps, poles, and a lot of other obstacles. Because you’ll most likely be skating on all different places, you’ll need tighter trucks. With the tight trucks, its figures and parts get back to place and sat stable regardless of how intense you use the skateboard for.

Avoid Wheelbites

When you’re skateboarding on the street, the wheels tend to rub against your board harder. This results in higher risks of hard falls!

Through screwing your trucks tighter, you gain more stability as you skate. Furthermore, you can do better with your tricks, tackling it better with better stability.

Make Better Curves and Speed

Big ramps make skating speedy, causing some wobbling and lack in confidence. To avoid wobbling and to stay comfortable, you’ll want tighter and firmer trucks for better balance. This has you create more speed with improved stability, also having the guidance with firmer trucks as you do sharp curves.

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks

Now that you know the reasons behind you have to learn how to tighten skateboard trucks, how do you start? Here are the steps to take when tightening your trucks:

Flip Your Skateboard

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to check if the trucks need tightening without checking the wheels. Prepare your skateboard by flipping it on its back and in a safe position. You have to place it on a solid surface and where you can hold the truck and wheels comfortably.

Furthermore, prepare the proper tools before tightening your skateboard trucks, such as a skid wrench or hex key.

Determine How Tight You Want The Trucks

Once you’ve got the skateboard in position, evaluate how loose the trucks are to know how tight it should be. There actually isn’t a specific rule about how tight your trucks should be. This is all about personal preference and what makes you most comfortable when cursing on the skateboard.

But take note that sometimes, your trucks can actually be TOO tight! If tight, you’ll need to loosen it up to prevent it from restricting your movements when on the board.

Use Your Tools to Screw It On Properly

The next step is to tighten the skateboard, following these steps:

  • Locate your truck’s axle pin, also called the kingpin. This is found on the truck’s center, the large bolt. Remove the truck hanger by removing the peg using your hex key or wrench.
  • Look at the truck’s hanger, which holds your wheels and axle. Remove its bushing and look for any cracks or any damage and/or around the socket. If there are any, then you may need to replace it rather than simply tighten.
  • Replace the truck’s handlebars, tightening the back pin well. You won’t need to put too much force as you tighten it, as it may end up TOO tight.

Test and Adjust Afterwards

Once you place your trucks and its parts back to the skateboard, test it out and ride a bit. Take a short test run, going slowly (slower than your regular speed). This is to avoid any accidents in case your wheels are still too loose or tight.

If you’re comfortable and safe as you pick up speed, then you’re done! However, if you feel discomfort or some wobbling, then repeat the steps and adjust as needed. It may take time doing trial and error, but it’s better than risking any injuries.

Alternatives to Tightening You Trucks

While it’s fairly easy to tighten your trucks, it might actually not be the best choice. There are other things you can do that can have you reap the similar benefits of tightening trucks, like:

Change Your Erasers

If ever you check your truck and notice that it has sharp or split gums, it’s best to change the erasers. The reason why your gums become this way might come from poor quality gums or compression as you ride intensely.

As a result of this compression or quality, they deform and prevents your skateboard from rolling straightly.

Use Harder Erasers

Using stronger or harder erasers might be a solution especially for growing skateboarders. If you gained weight or grew taller, or have a growing child using skateboards, harder gums are necessary. After all, we’re most likely not the same height or weight as we were five years ago, so your skateboard trucks need an upgrade.

Change Your Trucks

Unfortunately, tightening the trucks might not fix the problem completely and you’ll still feel wobbly while riding. If you tried your best in tightening or fixing your skateboard trucks, the last resort and ultimate solution is a replacement. This is recommended especially for beginners who begin to train harder and use the skateboard more intensely.

That way, you feel the better difference and can enjoy your skateboard to its maximum capabilities.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this article on how to tighten skateboard trucks gave you an idea of where to start. So don’t wait any longer and start looking into tightening your trucks now.

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on how to tighten skateboard trucks, comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.