How to Clean Skateboard Wheels: Easy Steps to Follow

When skateboarding, your entire board will go through a lot of dirt and debris. After all, you’re using it outdoors and in various weather conditions, and your wheels are receiving the brunt of it! That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to clean skateboard wheels to ensure that your board rides smoothly and without issues.

Fortunately, cleaning your skateboard wheels is fairly easy, only requiring a few materials. As long as you clean it regularly, you can continue cruising without the worry of your wheels wearing out. So read on as I show you a helpful guide on how to clean skateboard wheels!

How to Clean Skateboard Wheels

If you’re wondering how to clean skateboard wheels properly, you need to disassemble them. Not to worry, everything’s easy as long as you follow these steps.

Remove the Wheels

You’ll need to disassemble the wheels from the skateboard for more efficient cleaning. So turn your skateboard over for it to rest on the deck so your wheels are facing up.

Using a socket wrench (half-inch or 13mm), twist and remove your wheel’s axle nuts. Do this while keeping all the wheel parts (like washers and nuts) in one place to make it easier to reattach.

Remove the Wheel Bearings

When you remove the wheels, use the metal rod the wheels were attached from to pry off the bearings.

Position your wheels on the truck axle, so the metal rod’s inside it and to the first bearing. Let the axle catch on to your bearing, pulling the wheel’s top away from your skateboard. Do this for all the wheels, with the bearings and wheels separate.

Remove Embedded Metal

When you’ve already separated the wheel from the board and its bearings, give it a quick check. Look at all parts of the wheel to see if there are any large dust and debris around it. Most, if not all, the time, there will be embedded materials stuck in the wheels.

Take this off using a rag, wiping your wheels’ surfaces. You can also use your fingers to loosen rocks and gravel in the wheels.

Soak the Wheels

Make a water and dishwashing soap mixture in a large bowl and stir together until soapy. Once it starts to sud, place your wheels inside the mixture, letting it soak for about ten minutes. This will make it easier to clean and wipe down all other small debris wiping can’t clean off.

Make sure that only your wheels are soaked in the mixture, NOT your bearings.

Wipe the Wheels Down

Remove all the wheels from the water mixture and using a soft rag or toothbrush, scrip your wheels gently. Remove all debris and dirt from it as you wipe the wheels. Make sure that you check every nook and cranny of your wheels, cleaning the inner parts.

When you’ve cleaned all the wheels, use a soft paper towel to dry the water off completely.

Remove Bearing Shields

The next step on how to clean skateboard wheels is to clean your bearings. Using a razor blade, wedge it in between the bearing and its shield. Push the blade down and pry both parts from each other.

Make sure you’re gentle as you remove the shield to avoid damaging it. It needs to be in on smooth motion so you can still attach it later.

Soak the Bearings

I recommend that you use citrus cleaner when cleaning the bearings as it’s safe and non-damaging.

To clean it, you can spray the bearings individually and wipe it down. Another option is to soak the bearings with a citrus cleaner in a small container.

There are also bearing cleaning kits you can use, which has you soak your bearings easier. It also has its own specialized cleaning solution.

Lubricate the Bearings

When you’ve dried off the bearings, lubricate them well using skateboarding oils, electronic oils, or sewing mating oils. Only apply two to three small drops of the lubricant for each bearing. Avoid adding too much or it clogs up your bearings.

Once you’ve applied the lubricant, spin your bearings, ensuring that all the balls are coated. Afterward, wipe off the excess lubricant located outside your bearings using a paper towel.

Reapply Bearing Seals

Once you’ve already wiped down any moisture or lubricant from your bearings, reapply the seals. This will have you snap the shield back into its original place easily. Just use your two thumbs to snap the shields, then move on to the next step.

These bearing shields are important because it keeps your bearings protected and well-lubricated.

Reassemble the Bearings

When both the wheels and bearings are cleaned thoroughly, place the bearings back to the wheels. Insert one bearing on the side of the wheel, using fingers to snap it back together. Turn your wheel over, insert the divider, and snap your other bearing back.

Repeat the process for all your bearings and wheels. Be gentle as you do this to prevent damage.

Reattach the Wheels

Finally, reattach the wheels back to the board one by one.

Slide wheels back to the truck axle then place the nut back outside your wheel. Using your socket wrench, tighten the nuts to place. Repeat the step for all the wheels.

After that, you’re done and have successfully learned how to clean skateboard wheels!

Wrapping It Up

Cleaning skateboard wheels doesn’t need to be such a difficult job with the right tools and knowledge. Plus, it’s a necessity for all skateboarders, unless you want those bumps from irritating debris stuck in your wheels! I recommend you clean those wheels at least once a week for smoother rides no matter where you go.

I hope this article on how to clean skateboard wheels gave you an idea on what to follow. So don’t wait any longer and begin cleaning your skateboard completely now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on how to clean skateboard wheels, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!