How to Rollerblade

When people say you only need balance for rollerblading, it sounds easy enough. However, that requires full-body coordination. Let’s face it — it can be very difficult to find your balance if you have no idea about proper posture.

Once you achieve the correct stance, everything will fall into place. You will finally have enough confidence in gliding with your rollerblades on. You just need patience in mastering basic techniques step by step.

Now that you’re totally ready to learn how to rollerblade, go ahead and see what we have in store for you.

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Rollerblade

It goes without saying that you should prepare some items first to ensure your safety. Make sure you have the following:

  • Helmet for skaters
  • Wrist guards
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads

How to Wear Rollerblades

  1. Wear the rollerblades as if you’re wearing typical boots.
  2. Press the flaps on your shins.
  3. Pull the front straps crosswise until they pass through their corresponding buckles.
  4. Secure the flaps and straps until the fit is tighter yet still comfortable.

Your rollerblades should never be loose for steadier movements. Too tight, and your feet might swell. That’s why wearing the right size matters a lot. Luckily for you, rollerblade sizes are similar to ordinary footwear. You just have to consider your foot size.

Before you start standing and gliding, you should take note of a few precautions first so you’ll be ready when you fall.

How to Rollerblade when Losing Balance

  1. Be more conscious of every motion you do so you can anticipate falling down.
  2. Once you feel you’re losing balance, lean your body to the side a little bit.
  3. Keep your head steady.
  4. Let your buttocks and thighs absorb the impact, not your arms.

How to Rollerblade with Proper Posture

  1. Stand with your rollerblades on by using the ground, wall, or chair within your arms’ reach (do it on a grassy surface or carpeted floor for a safer practice).
  2. Slightly move your feet sideways until they create a wide gap (same as your shoulders’ width).
  3. Stand straight while making sure your toes are pointing forward.

How to Rollerblade while Gliding

  1. Move your training to a nearby garage, pavement, sidewalk, or parking lot for smoother glides.
  2. Find a rail or wall you can hold onto.
  3. Squat a little bit by slightly bending your knees.
  4. Glide a short distance, one foot after another, while holding onto the rail or wall.
  5. Let go of the rail or wall from time to time so you can try longer glides.
  6. Move forward by lifting one leg while gliding and using it as a momentum to literally push yourself when you lift the other leg.
  7. Maintain balance as a beginner by spreading your arms (you won’t need this eventually).
  8. Try moving your arms as if you’re running when you’re more confident while gliding.
  9. Glide faster by leaning your upper body forward, bending your knees lower, and moving in a little “V” formation.
  10. Follow these steps gradually as you practice every single day (don’t force yourself to do everything in one day).

How to Rollerblade when Using the Brake

  1. Move your legs closer together.
  2. Prepare yourself by bending your knees.
  3. Carefully press the plastic brake (usually at the heel of the right skate) on the ground.

When it comes to making a successful turn, you will need more practice. It requires better balance and correct placement of the wheels on the ground. To be more specific, you must lean your upper body left or right while lifting the rear wheels. That clearly demands a higher level of control.


Before you can impress people with the best rollerblades, you should master the techniques first. For starters, learning how to rollerblade revolves around the basics of standing, gliding, stopping, and falling in the safest way possible. Save pivoting techniques for your future training, specifically after you master balance and leg movements.