Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard Review

Penny boards are miniature boards that are the perfect size for elementary kids and teenagers, and they are also the preferred sized board of those who just want a simple lightweight board for cruising. If you have no experience riding a skateboard, but you really want to learn, then you need to check out the Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard before you go on to riding the best electric longboard.

Features and Specifications

Motor and Batteries

The Max C uses a single, in-hub electric motor that churns out up to 500 watts of power. The board can handle weights up to 150 pounds, and can still accelerate to speeds up to 22 miles per hour; depending on the road conditions and the rider’s skill.

The batteries that the Max C uses are Samsung cells that amount to 2.2Ah and 36 volts. Full-charged, the skateboard can travel 8 to 10 miles, depending on the rider’s skill and aggressiveness.

Deck and Wheels

The deck of the Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard is 26.7 inches long and 8.6 inches wide, which is shorter than a regular skateboard, but since it has similarly wide trucks, it is very stable.

The deck is made of injection molded polymer and carbon fiber, making the Max C extremely lightweight. In fact, the bulk of the 8.1 pounds of total weight is from the batteries and the brushless, in-hub motor.

The deck is made of one single piece of polymer, the batteries, ESC, and other circuitry, are all inside the deck. Because the electric components are shielded, the Max C can actually be used even when the road is wet. You can even splash it through shallow puddles of water without any problem.

Even though the deck contains all the important components of this electric skateboard, it still bows and flexes to help absorb most of the shock from the road. This makes the Max C quite a comfortable ride.

The wheels are made of tough polyurethane material; it is hard enough to withstand the punishing surfaces of city streets, but it still has enough give that it also helps with the shock-absorbing quality of the skateboard.

The remote control

If you have ever owned a Nintendo Wii, you will be familiar with the unique, ergonomic shape of the controller of the Max C. Aside from the throttle lever, there are also controls for cruise control, forward and reverse gears, and others.

The Good

The board is compact and very lightweight

Weighing just a little over 8 pounds and having a total length of just a bit over two feet, the Max C is the ultimate when it comes to portability; this is literally half the weight of other popular electric longboards like the BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard with G2T New Motors and ESC. You can take this board anywhere; you can take it on the bus or the train, and then ride it the rest of the way to your destination.

The board is easy to use

The power delivery is very smooth, so you do not need to worry about the board flying from underneath you when you first ride it. Just stand on the deck, plant your feet firmly, and then slowly push on the controller.

The learning curve of the Max C is very low, even if you have not ridden a skateboard a day in your life, it will only take you a couple of practice runs to get used to using the Max C.

The first of its kind to have cruise control

You do not have to constantly press on the throttle on the remote of the Max C. When your speed reaches 10 kilometers per hour or more, you can engage the cruise control of the skateboard; this will lock the speed of the board, allowing you to just carve without thinking about the throttle. To disengage the cruise control, you just need to press any other button on the remote.

The Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard is one of the most user-friendly electronic skateboards out there, which is why you need to get one for yourself while you still can.


The Bad

The design of the controller is bad

It is easy to accidentally push or pull on the remote controller if the throttle lever ever catches on loose clothing, this design flaw is also apparent in the controller of the Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo ONE Electric Longboard Skateboard. Aside from the throttle stick, the other controls are hard to reach. This could have been better if Maxfind designed their own remote control design rather than repurposing the design of the Wii remote and using it as a controller for the skateboard.

The batteries sometimes have issues

There are several people who we have talked with who claimed to have problems with their batteries. Several customers have already expressed their disappointment after their batteries stopped holding a charge after only a couple of months’ use.

Who is This For?

The Maxfind C is the ideal size and power for kids who want to learn how to ride electric skateboards. This can also be used by adults; however, they need to be under 150 pounds to get the full experience.

For adults, getting a longboard that is more powerful and has a bigger mileage, like the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard, but if you just want something that you can practice on, something that is not so powerful that it could throw you off the deck, then get the Maxfind C.


Although not as powerful or as fast as most of the popular electric skateboards currently available, the Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard has its own set of benefits and its own brand of charm. The size and power are perfect for children and pre-teens to get some practice before moving up to larger and more powerful longboards.

This is not to say that this board is not for adults, you can use it even if you are a full-grown man or woman. Although the manufacturer stated that the maximum load this could carry is 150 pounds, you will have no problem with it even if you are a couple or so pounds over the limit.

Get your own Maxfind C today so you can see what everyone else is talking about.