MBS All-Terrain Longboard Review

Who says longboards are just for the urban jungle? If you want to take a short cut through the forest then your board should not stop you from doing so, and this is the reason why you need the MBS All-terrain longboard in your life.

As the name suggests, this longboard can go anywhere you want to go, unlike some of the best electric skateboards that can only do pavement. Do you want to carve the concrete pavements of the city? Or do you want to go down a mountain path over gravel, ground, and tree roots, with insane speed? Whatever choice you take, the MBS all-terrain board has your back.

Features and Specifications

The Deck

The deck of the MBS all-terrain is made of a 10-ply maple board, providing you with just the right amount of flex to cushion against bumps and holes on the road. A neat design aspect of the board is that it is dropped, meaning the top of the board is not above nor level to the top of the huge all-terrain wheels, this lowers your center of gravity, making it easier to keep your balance, especially when you are going down dirt mountain bike paths.

Because of the low center of mass, and the sheer weight of the board, you will be coasting down the street as if you are riding an electric board like the SuperbProductions 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard.

The Wheels and Trucks

The MBS all-terrain board uses beefy 65mm x 100mm treaded wheels allow the board to seamlessly transfer from city streets to off-road paths. The wide, treaded wheels grip the road just enough for carving and a bit of drifting, and also provide enough traction for shredding through off-road paths.

The wheels are made of 78A super-rebound urethane, making the wheels grippy, even in wet conditions, and able to absorb bumps and dips in the road, and in the wild.

The 190mm trucks used by this board not only provides stability at high speeds, they also provide precise turning capabilities, it performs similarly to the ones use by the Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo ONE Electric Longboard Skateboard, wherein the large base makes for a stable, yet precision-turning ride. This means if you suddenly need to make a 180 slide, you can do so quite easily.

The Good

The all-terrain wheels really are suited for all types of riding surfaces

You can glide on top of asphalt and concrete, but when the pavement ends, you can continue riding without missing a beat. You do not have to change wheels or do any other tweaks to the board whatsoever.

Low center of gravity

Thanks to the dropped design of the board, it can manage to use large 100mm diameter all-terrain wheels, but the deck remains close to the ground for optimum stability. This makes the MBS all-terrain board ideal for both beginners and experienced longboarders.

Excellent shock-absorbing capabilities

The deck is made of ten layers of maple laminate wood, which provides just the right combination of stiffness and flexibility to give you a smooth ride regardless of the terrain.

Add to that the impressive shock-absorbing capabilities of the 100mm diameter super-rebound urethane wheels; it’s almost like you are riding on small inflated tires.

These are just some of the good things that us and other people have said about the MBS all-terrain longboard. Go get one for yourself to experience all these firsthand.


The Bad

Not so good on grass

Although the board is advertised as all-terrain, it does struggle a bit when riding through ground with loose grass. However, it is not so bad that the board refuses to move at all, it just needs a bit more “persuading” to get it to cruise.

It is a bit on the heavy side

At almost 12 pounds, this is not the heaviest of longboards, but it can still be quite a challenge carrying this thing up a couple flights of stairs; in contrast, the Maxfind MAX C Penny Electric Skateboard only weighs 8 pounds, and that includes the electric motor and batteries. On the other hand, the weight does allow the board to cruise down the street almost effortlessly, so you just need to take the good from the bad.

Who is This For?

The MBS all-terrain longboard is for the adventurous type; the one who would not let the lack of smooth pavement deny him/her of an exciting ride. On the flipside, this board is also ideal for those who are just starting to get into longboarding because it is super stable and easy to keep your balance on.

This is also ideal for experienced longboarders who want to transition to off-road boarding in the near future. Although the all-terrain wheels work great on flat ground and loose gravel, they still do not compare to actual off-road wheels, but the great thing about them is that you can use it to hit the streets without switching wheels.


It can be quite tricky to find just the right combination of street and off-road performance in a longboard, but the surprising thing is that the MBS All-terrain longboard managed to pull it off almost flawlessly.

This board has a just the right amount of flexibility and the wheels are just soft enough that it can rebound from small bumps in the road, to actually absorbing most of the shock when riding through dirt paths.

If you are looking for a board that is somewhat a Jack-of-all-trades, or if you are a beginner searching for a board that you can practice on, then you do not need to look any further than the MBS All-terrain longboard.