MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0 Review

Have you ever wanted to ride a skateboard, but sadly you are not as coordinated as you need to be to masterfully shred the pavement? Are you tired of dealing with heavy traffic jams on your daily commute downtown to your office? If your answer to both questions is “yes” then you need to check out this powered skateboard review of the MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0 so you will learn what you have been missing out.

Features and Specifications

Motor and Batteries

The MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0 is powered by a single 350-watt in-hub motor. This motor is powerful enough to propel the board to a top speed of 18 miles per hour, and climb up a 10% grade uphill street.

The board has a maximum effective capacity of 150 pounds, if you are heavier than this, you can still ride this board, however, the uphill climbing capacity will be very much impeded.

The motor also supports regenerative braking, meaning whenever you hit the brakes, the motor will recharge the battery. This is great for extending the battery mileage.

Speaking of mileage, the 153wH Tesla battery can power the board to distances of up to 13 miles, more if you take advantage of the regenerative braking. The battery only takes two hours to fully charge.

The Deck and the Wheels

The deck of the MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0 is made of several layers of Canadian maple; this gives the board ample flexibility, but without sacrificing strength.

The top of the deck is covered in EVA foam grip tape, which will not tear chunks out of your skin if you ever crash, and provides you with more than enough grip, even when it is wet.

The wheels are 83mm Dura soft wheels, which is suitable for pavement and can absorb slight bumps and dips in the road. These wheels also make the board easy to turn as they can provide quite a lot of traction.

Controls and Handling

The MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0 comes with a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to choose between four speed settings on the fly. You can also control the acceleration, braking, and reverse functions using just one hand.

The Good

Lightweight and portable

The deck measures just 32 inches long, which is the same as a regular skateboard, and only weighs 12.5 pounds. You can easily carry this under your arm or strapped onto your backpack for every day use.

More power than you will ever need

Although the single in-hub motor pushes out just 350 watts of power, it is more than enough for most people’s uses. If you do not weigh over 150 pounds, and you are looking for a skateboard that you can use to ride around your university campus, or if you are in search for a skateboard that you can take to and from work to ease your daily commute, then this board is powerful enough for your needs.

Easy to learn

It is much easier to learn to ride an electric skateboard rather than a traditional one. For one thing, you do not have to learn how to push off on your board; you just stand on the deck, place your feet securely on the surface, and then press the acceleration on the remote and off you’ll go.

You can learn how to ride like a pro just after an afternoon’s worth of riding practice on your own. Unlike traditional skateboards, it is much easier to control the speed of an electric skateboard.

It does not matter how old you are, if you want to learn how to ride on electric skateboards, it is best that you start with the MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0, so get yours now.


The Bad

The speed is good for beginners, not so much for experienced skaters

The 18 miles per hour top speed of this electric skateboard is already nerve-wracking for beginner skaters. However, once you get used to riding it, you will find that it is not nearly fast enough to get your blood pumping like it did the first time you rode.

Most electric skateboards nowadays, like the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard can go up to 24 miles per hour, which is faster than most cars traveling within city limits.

This is not for the hefty type of boarder

The maximum effective capacity is just a little over 150 pounds, which is great for older kids and teenagers, but when you are a middle-aged man, you might want to consider getting a board with more power like the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard, which can carry loads of up to 240 pounds.

Who is This For?

This electric skateboard is great for pre-teens who are looking for an alternative means of transportation to school, for university students who need a reliable mode of transportation in order to traverse the campus to get to their next class.

However, if you are just looking for a board that will never let you down, and will always be ready to make sure that you get home safely, then the MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0 is for you.


The MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0, although not as fast and powerful as other electric boards like the BACKFIRE G2S Electric Longboard & Hub Motor Electric Skateboard, it does make up for in maneuverability, portability, and affordability.

If you are looking for an electric board that is easy to learn how to ride, and is easy on the budget, you do not have to look any further than the Meepo Campus 2.0, go get yours now.