Miles 20 MPH Top Speed Electric Skateboard Review

If you are in the market for an electric skate board that is both easy to ride, but is still powerful enough to give you an adrenaline boost every time you step on it, then you need to check out the Miles Electric Skateboard 20 MPH Top Speed.

Motor and Batteries

The Miles Dual electric skateboard is powered by two, brushless, high-torque, in-hub motors. The company did not disclose just how much power each motor has, but they are powerful enough to propel the board to speeds reaching 22 miles per hour (with all conditions being perfect that is) and traveling distances up to 18 miles on a single full charge.

The high-torque motors allow the board to climb up inclines up to 20 degrees from a standing start and with a full-grown adult riding on it, which is similar to the performance of the Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard. Although Miles did not disclose the actual power of the motors, it is safe to guess, based on the performance results, that each motor has around 350 watts of power each.

At first glance you might think that the Miles Dual is not an electric skateboard at all, considering the fact that there are no visible battery packs, just like in the teamgee H9 37″ Electric Skateboard. However, if you look closely, the deck is a bit too thick (but not too much really) than those of other electric skateboards. The reason behind this is that the batteries are built inside the deck itself. The batteries have a total power of 4Ah at 36 volts output, and they take only two hours to fully charge.

Deck and Wheels

Unlike most other electric skateboards, the deck of the Miles Dual is not made of wood, instead, it is composed mainly of high-strength and lightweight carbon fiber. This makes the deck of the Miles Dual quite strong and yet still able to flex to absorb road shock. However, the deck was designed to be a bit stiffer than usual because it needed to protect the built-in batteries from damage.

The wheels are your regular 80mm diameter polyurethane wheels. One might ask why use regular PU wheels? These wheels have been proven for years to work well on pavement, so why would you want to change up something that works fine as it is?

The Good

The batteries are swappable

Although it might look like the batteries are permanently built into the deck of the board, you can replace them with fresh ones when the original batteries can no longer hold a significant amount of charge. On the downside, it takes quite a while before you can get to the batteries as you have to remove eight screws.

Handles really well

The trucks and the wheels allow the board to really hug the road. Even when ridden at full speed, the Miles Dual will not wobble or veer to one side. This makes it the ideal electric skateboard for those who have little to no experience riding traditional skateboards.

The board is quite light

For a dual motor electric board, the Miles Dual is quite light. At just 12.5 pounds this is the ideal alternative transport that you can take on your daily commute. Foldable bikes are still too bulky, and Segways are now considered obnoxious, so the best thing right now are electric skateboards.

These are just some of the good things that the Miles Dual has in store for you, to get the full experience, you really should check it out as soon as you can.


The Bad

The controller has a slight flaw

 The throttle has no safeguard against accidental acceleration and braking. The joystick is pretty much exposed, with no way to prevent it from snagging on your clothes and accidentally putting on the brakes. There should at least be a trigger guard or something, or they could have gone with a roller-type throttle, like the one that came with the Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote E-Skateboard for Adults and Youths.

Who is it for?

The Miles Dual is for the young professionals who still want to have fun while on their way to work. This board is also for those who want a cleaner alternative to fossil-fuel guzzling vehicles to get around town. The Miles Dual is for those who want to have fun regardless of their age.


The Miles Dual might not be the perfect electric skateboard, but it did get pretty close. The battery life and motor power output are both excellent, the steering and handling are also top notch. However, it does fall short on the issue of its controller design, but that does not take much away from the Miles Dual.

If you are up for a not-so-challenging, and yet still very enjoyable ride, then you need to get yourself one of these Miles Dual electric skateboards and start having fun again.