Rollerblade Tricks: 5 Awesome Ways to Impress Everybody

Nothing beats the feeling of finally mastering the basics of a challenging activity after days or weeks of practice. You get to feel more confident and proud of yourself for expanding your horizons.

So you have become a good inline skater — now what? If you could survive basic training, why stop now? You should get out of your comfort zone again and start learning rollerblade tricks.

Some of the rollerblade tricks we’re going to discuss are complicated but don’t let that intimidate you. You just have to protect yourself with the right safety equipment, and follow instructions carefully.

You must not pressure yourself as well. Don’t force yourself to learn rollerblade tricks fast. Do everything gradually to really understand the techniques.

The 5 Rollerblade Tricks You Should Try

There are a lot of rollerblade tricks out there, but you should focus on fewer techniques first. Once you master the five tricks we selected for you, you’ll be ready for more training. Again, it’s all about gradual progress.

How to Skate Backwards

  1. Push yourself with one foot while the other moves away from you (don’t lift a leg).
  2. Make half-circle or slithering motions to get more comfortable with the trick.
  3. Wiggle left and right while making sure space is clear behind you (just turn your head for a sec from time to time).

How to Spin

  1. Keep your feet apart (shoulders’ width).
  2. Turn right or left by twisting your body to the direction you’re going for.
  3. Spin slowly to maintain balance.

How to Do Waves

  1. Push both of your feet outward.
  2. Pull your feet back with minimal pressure to avoid hurting your ankles.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you notice the wavy pattern your feet make.
  4. Maintain a moderate speed (too fast, and your body will also make waves which will affect your balance).

How to Do the Slalom Trick

  1. Prepare the area by marking the ground with chalk or putting cones.
  2. Place one foot before your other foot or keep them in a parallel position (choose what’s easier for you).
  3. Wiggle your upper body to warm up.
  4. Turn left and right repeatedly in wider circles for your initial practice.
  5. Turn left and right repeatedly in smaller circles for a more challenging course.
  6. Do everything backward or with one foot for a more impressive slalom.

How to Do the Hockey Turn

  1. Place your right skate in front of the other while making a right turn, and vice versa.
  2. Lean on the inner skate for balance.
  3. Shift the weight of your upper body to the turn you’re making while bending your knees for speed.


Once you get the hang of rollerblades for beginners, that’s the perfect time to take your training to the next level. Improve your skills until you become a pro by trying some rollerblade tricks. The five tricks we introduced will only warm you up for more difficult techniques. So, make sure you master them before challenging yourself further.