SuperbProductions 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard Review

There are electric longboards that are for off-road use, and there are those that are strictly for the streets, but what would you do if I told you that there are electric longboards that you can easily ride on city streets, and then switch to bare earth mountainside trails without missing a beat? If you think that this is not possible then you probably haven’t heard of the SuperbProductions 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard.

Features and Specifications

Motor and batteries

If you think the Exway X1 Professional Electric Skateboard is already scary powerful, prepare to get your undies scared out of you because the Superb Productions electric longboard has crazy powerful motors, with 1,650 watts of power each for a total of 3,300 watts, which is almost as powerful as a small car.

With such powerful dual motors, it is no wonder why the board can reach speeds up to 31 miles per hour on pavement, this is actually fast enough that you can use this board to replace your car on your daily commute. However, even though it is crazy fast, it is actually pretty safe and stable. The brakes, just like that of the Maxfind MAX C Electric Skateboard, uses regenerative braking, meaning that the brakes also recharge the batteries.

Speaking of batteries, the SuperbProductions longboard has a massive 11 Ah battery, which is enough to power the board up to 19 miles (casual cruising speed and using the regenerative braking efficiently).

With regards to the brakes, they work smoothly; it will coast a bit before coming to a complete stop, it will not lock the wheels causing you to fly off the board.

Deck, trucks and wheels

To withstand all of the punishment that off-road skateboarding brings, the electric skateboard by SuperbProductions uses a deck that is made of 11 layers of Canadian maple laminated together. This deck construction provides the board with quite a lot of flexibility, which means you can do small jumps and the board will stay in one piece.

The trucks  are more than wide enough to accommodate the size of the tires, making the board quite stable even though the ground clearance is quite high.

The wheels are quite unlike the ones that you use on street skateboards. For one thing, these wheels are not made of polyurethane, they are made of actual rubber and they are inflated so that they can absorb the bumps and dips of the roads and dirt trails. The wheels provide a lot of traction, even when you are skating through some really rough terrain.

The Good

Massive weight capacity

Unlike other electric skateboards out there, even the ones with the massively powerful motors like the Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo ONE Electric Longboard Skateboard, the SuperbProductions longboard can carry riders that are more than 300 pounds in weight. This means even if you are on the big side, this longboard will not have any trouble taking you on an exciting adventure.

Very fast

Other electric longboards have trouble reaching their advertised maximum speed, but that is not even an issue with the SuperbProductions longboard. With its dual 1,650 watt motors, accelerating to beyond 20 miles per hour happens in a blink of an eye. If you are not experienced at riding a skateboard, it is advisable that you do not push the throttle to the maximum on your first try because you will be thrown off quite easily.

The batteries and motors are well-protected

The batteries and the motors are encased in stainless steel plates, this means that you can ride over rocky terrain without worrying that your batteries might get dented, or your motors damaged by the terrain. You really can go anywhere with confidence when you are riding your own SuperbProductions longboard.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits that you can get from the SuperbProductions longboard, to get the full experience you need to get one of these marvels of engineering for yourself.


The Bad

The remote’s battery runs out quite fast

It is quite disappointing that the SuperbProductions longboard’s remote control is drained quite fast, especially considering that the batteries of the board itself takes a long while to drain. It is a good thing that the motor automatically cuts off when it gets disconnected from the remote controller.

The power delivery is a bit too quick

It has been mentioned several times in this article, but it deserves to be repeated, the SuperbProductions longboard is not something for beginners. At the medium and high settings, the board can easily kick up from underneath you at just the slightest push on the remote controller. If you have trouble keeping your balance, start with the slowest setting and practice as many times as needed.

Who is it for?

The SuperbProductions longboard is for the serious mountain skateboarder or adrenaline junkies. Unlike the other electric longboards that you might have seen so far, this longboard actually reaches its marketed top speed in just a couple of seconds, which is why you need to brace yourself  to ensure that you won’t fall of your board.


Electric skateboards are not just for the urban jungle; you can now take it with you on your camping trips or excursions and you will inadvertently add more fun. Your fun never has to end with the pavement, with the SuperbProductions longboard, every surface is an adventure waiting to happen. Go get your own SuperbProductions longboard now if you want to get a grasp of what other people have been saying, and experience the fun for yourself.