Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 Electric Longboard Review

What’s more fun than riding a skateboard down the street? Riding a skateboard that you do not have to push along. The Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 is one of the best cheap electric skateboard that you can get right now. Not only is the price affordable, it is also not as scary as the other electric longboards out there, making it the perfect board for practicing, and also for those who just want to leisurely cruise on the sidewalk.

Features and Specifications

Motor and Batteries

Swagtron did not release the details about the motors that they used on their NG-1’s, they just said that it has enough power to propel the board, along with a 150 pound or heavier rider, up to 11 miles per hour, which is the perfect speed for those who are just beginning to learn how to ride an electric longboard.

Battery capacity was also withheld by Swagtron, but they did claim that the batteries of the Swagboard NG-1 can carry enough power to push the board up to 10 miles. Once the batteries are drained, and you are still on the street, you can use the Swagboard just like a regular board, that is you can kick off the ground and ride it like you would a normal longboard.

When the batteries are drained, it will take just a little over two hours for it to get fully charged.

Deck and Wheels

The wheels are made of very durable polyurethane, which provides it with strength and yet it still has enough give to absorb some shock from the road, giving you a smooth ride.

The deck is made of seven layers of high-quality Canadian maple, this type of construction provides the board with more than ample flexibility and rigidity to help make maneuvering the board much easier.

The entire surface of the board is also covered in high-quality grip tape so that you will not get thrown off the board.

The Good

Kid and beginner-friendly board

The Swagboard NG-1 does not have that much power, by our estimates, the single motor can only pump out around 250-350 watts, and that’s a generous estimate. With that said, this board is not for the seasoned longboard rider, if you know how to carve on a longboard then you probably can go faster than the Swagtron NG-1. However, this board is not meant for those who have had a taste of speed, this board is for those who want something tame to practice on. This is actually much less powerful than the MEEPO Board Electric Skateboard Campus 2.0, which is meant for campus and inner city use.


The other important detail that you need to look for in a practice electric skateboard is the price. You do not want to spend over a thousand bucks for a board that has too much power for you, or worse, you really do not want to spend a lot of money on something that barely has enough power at all. The Swagway Swagboard NG-1 provides you with the best of both worlds: you get a reasonably-priced practice board that has enough power to actually be fun to ride.

These are but a few of the advantages that the Swagboard NG-1 has over the other boards in its categories, if you want to find out more, the only way is to get one for yourself.


The Bad

Horrible customer service

Although the board is great out of the box, if anything were to malfunction, you will have a hard time getting help from the customer service representatives of the company. However, it seemed that because of one too many customer backlash against their customer service, Swagway must have replaced the lot of them with people who actually know how to communicate with their customers and not just point them in the direction of the company website.

The remote would sometimes disconnect and then reconnect suddenly

It is a good thing that the Swagboard NG-1 can only go up to 11 miles per hour, because if you were going above 20 miles per hour on another board and the remote suddenly cuts out on you; that would be a harrowing experience. The NG-1’s remote control would sometimes do this without any warning at all.

Who is it for?

Although the Swagtron NG-1 is still powerful enough that most people can enjoy riding it, it is not powerful enough for adrenaline junkies who want to go past 15 miles per hour. This board is best used by inexperienced skateboarders, regardless of age, who want something that is light enough to use for practice.


The Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 might not have even half of the power of boards like the SuperbProductions 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard, it is still a fun board to play around with. If you have younger kids, you can give them this board so that they have something that they can practice until they are old and experienced enough to ride some of the more powerful boards available like the BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard with G2T New Motors and ESC.

The Swagboard NG-1 might not be all that fast, but that does not mean that it is a boring ride; far from it. To find out what you have been missing all this time, you should get yourself an NG-1 too.