VOKUL V2 Electric Skateboard Longboard Review

What if I told you that there is a way that you can escape from all the stress brought about by morning rush hour traffic and actually have a lot of fun going to and from work, would you be interested in trying it out? Of course you would, when you have a battery skateboard like the VOKUL V2 Electric Skateboard, you will never have to languish in traffic ever again, you will actually want to go to work just so you can carve up the streets on your board.

Features and Specifications

Motor and Battery

The VOKUL V2 packs quite a lot of power for a skateboard its size. This board is powered by two 900-watt electric, belt-driven motors, which when pushed to the limit can be a very scary, yet thrilling ride. It is advised though that you practice a lot with the lowest speed setting first before you take it all the way up.

The combined 1800-watts of power allows the VOKUL V2 to reach speeds up to 19 miles per hour in just seconds. It can also carry you up steep hills (up to 25% grade) if you do not feel like walking. Fully-charged, the VOKUL V2 can travel up to 14 miles, which is a similar mileage as the Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard.

The motors are also capable of regenerative braking. What happens is that the motors turn into dynamos when they are forced to spin the other way. The energy that came from braking will turn into electricity that will then be stored in the built-in batteries of the VOKUL V2. When you utilize the regenerative braking of the VOKUL V2, you can actually extend its battery life, and in effect, its range as well.

The Deck, Trucks and Wheels

The deck of the VOKUL V2 is made of 8 layers of materials: seven layers of maple boards, and one layer of bamboo. This unique deck construction allows a lot of flexibility, but without compromising strength.

The wheels are made of high-rebound urethane, which not only provides excellent grip on the pavement, it also has enough give that it can absorb most of the shock that comes from the road.

The truck of the VOKUL V2 is entirely made of heavy-duty aluminum. The trucks are 7.25 inches wide, providing more than enough stability that even beginners at using electronic skateboards will easily learn how to make full use of.

The Good

More than enough power for your needs

The dual 900 watt motors really packs quite a punch. Although not as powerful as the SuperbProductions 31MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard, the VOKUL V2 can still zip up and down the streets relatively quickly. It also has enough torque to take you up inclines of 15% at grade.

Sleek, tactical-looking design

The board looks like it was designed for military use, but does not get too much attention, which is what makes it cool. From afar, the board looks unassuming, but when you get close to it, you will realize just how detailed and beautiful it really is.

Durable, yet still flexible deck

Even though the deck is made of 8 layers of materials, it still has a springiness to it. You can ride this board over bumpy roads, and it will still glide smoothly. The concave shape of the deck also helps to give it more flex, which is unlike the board of the Exway X1 Professional Electric Skateboard.

If you think that these are the only benefits that the VOKUL V2 has then you are sorely mistaken. If you want to experience this board firsthand, you need to get one of these for yourself.


The Bad

The batteries could be better

Although the 6S4P 8.8Ah lithium batteries does provide decent performance, but when you replace them with 10s2p batteries the board could go faster and travel much farther than it could right now.

Power output dramatically decreases when the batteries are half-drained

If you like riding fast, then you need to constantly recharge your batteries, especially when it is nearing the halfway mark. You will surely notice the decrease in power when you are carving the pavement and then suddenly the motors start turning much slower than before. On the other hand, you must have traveled a bit over 8 or 9 miles already, which is why the batteries have been drained.

Who is This For?

This board is for the urban citizen; people who live and work in the inner city, and yet still takes almost an hour to get to work or school because of traffic jams. The VOKUL V2 has more than pep in it to get you up to 19 miles per hour, which is more than enough speed to get you around town.

Even if you have no prior experience riding a skateboard or longboard you will have no trouble learning how to ride the VOKUL V2. Its learning curve is so shallow that you can master it after just an afternoon of intensive practice.


Sitting through gridlock traffic is never fun, what is fun though is riding an electric skateboard on the sidewalk and actually getting to work with lots of time to spare. If you are tired of constantly being late, get yourself a VOKUL V2 Electric Skateboard Longboard as soon as you can.

Don’t worry, even if you are not as young as you used to be, riding an electric skateboard is actually much easier than learning to ride a traditional board. In addition, you will not get tired because you won’t be kicking the board off the ground at all; just push forward on the remote and off you go.

It might seem scary at first, but when you get the hang of it, the fun will overtake the fear. What are you waiting for? Grab your chance for an adventure, get a VOKUL V2 right now!